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For a mix-and-match duo designed for sunny days, try the bright citrus aromas of Capsule’s Fresh Duo Set.

Capsule Warm Duo Set: Jaunt + Byway

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15 ml each

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Birchbox Breakdown

A scent is a gentleman’s signature, so you shouldn’t have to settle when choosing your daily fragrance. This duo was specially made for the aspiring mixologist, with a pair of woodsy colognes that can be blended to suit your taste. Because the best things in life involve cocktails, not compromises.

How to Use

These soulful scents can be worn alone, or cocktailed together for a one-of-a-kind take. Just spritz sparingly onto pulse points, like your wrist and neck, and remember: less is more.

Jaunt – SD Alcohol, Parfume (fragrance), Water

Byway – SD Alcohol, Parfume (fragrance), Water

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