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We love the super glossy look of this mascara; layer it on at night for dramatic eyes.

Birchbox Breakdown

Lash growth products are a huge trend, but can cost upwards of $100. This lab-tested mascara is an affordable way to boost your lashes. Even if you’re already blessed with a long fringe, the extra dark hue and moisturizing formula makes Cargo’s latest a winner.

How it Works

A cocktail of powerhouse ingredients targets lash density, starting with marine algae and citrus extracts, which rev up circulation and encourage growth. Plus, a concentrated peptide based on biotin (a vitamin integral to hair growth) strengthens roots so lashes are less likely to fall out.

How to Use

Because it’s extra moisturizing, this mascara can feel a bit wet. Let the lash wand stand for 30 seconds to slightly thicken the formula before application. Stroke onto lashes, from root to tip, or – for extra volume – apply in a side to side motion.

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