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Exfoliation can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Be sure to apply a moisturizer with SPF like DDF® Weightless Defense Oil-Free Hydrator With Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF45 every day.

DDF® Revolve 500x Micro-Polishing System (Micro-Derma & Daily Cleansing System)

$79.00 Ships Free
1 Appliance, 1 Micro-Derma Polishing Crystals 2 oz. (56 g), 1 Micro-Derma Exfoliator, 1 Regular Cleansing Brush, 1 Delicate Cleansing Brush, 2 AA batteries

Availability: Out of stock


Birchbox Breakdown

We can’t resist doing the math: For less than the cost of one in-office treatment, this at-home microdermabrasion system delivers the exact same results (except you can use it for an entire four months before replenishing pieces). That’s one solid investment on behalf of more radiant skin. Our favorite part? The whole process takes about one minute, and we can stay in our PJs the entire time.

How to Use

For daily deep cleansing, simply apply your favorite cleanser to the rotating bristles and select the brush type and intensity that best suits your skin. For microdermabrasion, switch to the Micro-Derma Polishing Crystals. Gently glide the brush over wet skin and rinse. Use only once or twice a week on non-consecutive days. DDF recommends replenishing your crystals and replacing your exfoliator pad and brushes every four months.

Micro-Derma Crystals Ingredients: Peg-8, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silica Silylate, Polysorbate 20, Niacinamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbic Acid

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


I hate to be the lone dissenter, but I really, really, REALLY dislike this device. (I would say I hate it, but I don't want to use the "H" word twice in the same sentence. But I hate it.) It feels cheap and when I use it on my face, the brush slows to a crawl and then stops. I have seen absolutely no difference whatsoever--probably because THE BRUSH STOPS. I use the dermabrasion crystals in the shower with my fingers and the product is ok--but no great shakes. There are reviews online that say it's the same as a popular drugstore brand. If that's true, it's not even worth the $20 cost of that brush. SO disappointed.

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I am very happy with this purchase. I had my eye on another one of these devices for a while, but was never really sure if it was worth the price. After joining Birchbox (and suffering through a really bad breakout) I discovered the DDF and decided to spend the money. So far, I really think it was worth it. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks but I can really tell a difference in my skin-my breakout has cleared up, I do not have as many new blemishes, and my face feels so clean and smooth after I use it! I also feel that my make-up goes on and stays better but maybe that is just because I am not needing to use as much as before. I also like the fact that it comes with three different brushes (plus batteries!) and you can use your own cleanser. You do have to replace the brush heads about every 3-4 months and my only negative comment is that you can not buy them separately. The refill kit contains all three brushes and the crystals. I feel that once I find out which one I like best, I would probably want to replace only that one brush that I use most often. But all in all I still think this was worth the money and I can see myself using it happily for years.

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Just like the real thing! This is a good investment and a look cheaper than going to a facialist. It also gives you instructions on how to develop your own regimen for use of it.

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Use this twice a day since i've bought it. owned it for about two months now and my skin is brighter and it just feels cleaner. the only qualm i have is that when using the micro crystals the brush head seems to really have a tough time spinning seems like the product is a little too thick.

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This was the first system I have ever bought. My skin has never felt so smooth after use. I like the fact that there are two different types of brush heads. One for sensitive skin and one for normal skin usage. Plus you get the dermabrasion sponge with the product. Its perfect for use in the shower. Its quick and easy. love it!

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