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Smooth on Cellu-Cup Slimming Oil to give your massage a nutrient boost.


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Cellulite can be (frustratingly, infuriatingly) hard to get rid of. One of the few things shown to work against it is massage——but neither our schedule nor our bank account could keep up the habit. Luckily, we can now mimic the effects of a pro treatment at home with this easy-to-use silicone tool: Modeled after traditional Chinese suction cups, it massages away cellulite on thighs, buttocks, stomach, and arms. With regular use, it smooths out once-dimpled skin.

How to Use

Lather soapy water or smooth massage oil onto skin to be treated. Squeeze the air from Cellu-cup and place it on skin. The pinching of skin occurs immediately after you release your Cellu-cup. Next, slide the Cellu-cup up and down the affected area. Please note: The Cellu-cup should be used regularly: it doesn'’t permanently erase cellulite. For sustained success, use alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

First Cellulite Removal Product That Has Ever Worked for Me!

Let me just start off by saying, I've tried it all. Creams, lotions, massaging, dieting and exercise, expensive pills and so on and so forth. I've been cursed with cellulite on the back of my thighs for my whole life and I even have this odd, crevice-like cellulite dentation on my left thigh which I've been self conscious about for years and figured I could never get rid of it.

I've had this product for about two months and let me say, this "crevice" has dramatically been reduced along with the cellulite on the back of my thighs. (Note: I haven't been doing it every day either, probably about 4 times a week)

Just as a heads up-this product is wonderful but was also kind of painful for the first week of use, but fight through it because it's worth it! I use coconut oil as a lubricant for the cup to glide easier and I definitely recommend checking out the demonstration video of this product before use.

I do kind of feel like if I stopped using this product that my cellulite would start coming back, but I am okay with that... and also not even sure that would be the case.

I am very pleased I took the chances with this product because it not only visibly reduced my cellulite but I feel like it is also helping with the circulation in my legs.

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This works.

I read the handful of positive reviews before purchasing, and figured I would give it a try on my mild/moderate problem spots. I used Bliss FatGirlSlim cream (after reading online that a blogger had success with these two products) along with this product.

Definitely not the most enjoyable experience to use, but watch the company's video on their website for techniques.

After using four times over a period of three or so weeks, there is a significant difference. I definitely did not expect it to be so effective, especially after such a short time period.

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First thing to ever work in my entire life.

This cup is amazing. I had awful stage 3 hereditary cellulite that I had developed at a very young age being pear-shaped and an early bloomer. Through a very active childhood of track, cheerleading, and powerlifting nothing ever helped improve the appearance of my cellulite. Until this. This really got my circulation going which is poor in my legs and I truly think it helped my legs get a move on in terms of losing weight. I weighed the same throughout highschool up until recently and I maintained a steady workout regimen and 3-5 times a week with the cup all over my legs and my legs are the smallest that have ever been since I was a small child and not only that, they are SMOOTH. If you keep up with this and eat clean I truly think this can help you achieve results as well. My highest recommended product.

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Totally works!

I was a little hesitant at first, but this product does really work! I used it along with the Slimming Oil, and it got rid of the cellulite bumps and made my skin super smooth. I definitely think this will be a summertime staple!

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beauty is pain

This thing hurts actually does help. I bought it after watching videos on YouTube and reading a lot of reviews. There definitely cheaper alternatives. You are paying for the name with this one. I used points so I didn't mind. With regular use you will get results but be prepared for some serious pain.

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