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Finish off your eye look with Chantecaille’s Gel Liner Pencil.

Birchbox Breakdown

Inspired by butterflies' brilliant colors, this one-of-a-kind shadow palette from Chantecaille is making our hearts flutter. Inside the Italian-designed compact, you’ll find a stunning stencilled butterfly surrounded by a shimmery silver backdrop. The four long-lasting shades will give your lids a pearlescent wash of color without creasing or fading. Eco-bonus: A portion of proceeds benefit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation to help preserve the creature’s fragile habitat.

How it Works

All four shades—two principal and two detail colors—have a superfine texture and are made with real pearl particles to give your lids a subtle shimmer. The two starring colors are the silver background and the dark blue butterfly, while the golden body and light blue wings comprise the overlay detail shades.

How to Use

Dip an eye shadow brush into your shade of choice and sweep onto lids. Use the shades separately or together to create a multi-dimensional effect.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

A pretty splurge

This is one of those "you deserve it" items. Pretty to look at, pretty on your eyes and easy to use as well as versatile with the looks you can create. Plus some of the money you pay goes to a good cause. Justification all the way around :)

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Blends beautiful

I love that this purchase donates to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. This shadow blends so nicely. I haven't found an eye shadow that blends like this one, ever. You can create the intensity of the color when blending with the silver background. The color is a dusky gray blue when I blended it, almost a deep purple. Stays on and lasts.

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