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ChapStick® Dual-Ended Hydration Lock Day & Night

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You would never fall asleep on the job—why should your lip balm be any different? Enter this brand new launch from ChapStick®, a clinically proven formula for healthier-looking lips. With its dual-ended design, this balm provides 24-hour care, protecting and hydrating lips by day, and replenishing them at night.

How to Use

Wear this balm alone, or as a primer for your favorite lip color.

Day Side: Cetyl alcohol, Light mineral oil (liquid paraffin), White petrolatum, Paraffin, alpha-Tocopheryl acetate, Tocopheryl linoleate, Aloe barbadensis extract, Octinoxate, Fragrance, Isopropyl lanolate, Lanolin, Beeswax, Oxybenzone, Carnauba wax, Isopropyl myristate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Night Side: Avocado butter, Beeswax, Calophyllum Tacamahaca Seed Oil, Candelilla wax, Carnauba wax, Coconut oil, Jojoba seed oil, Mango butter, Natural flavor, Octyldodecanol, Olive butter, Raspberry Seed Oil, Shea butter, Soybean oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Tocopherols, Vitamin E, dl-tocopheryl acetate.

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Good Product

I loved this product! It included two sides; a sunscreen-based part and a moisture-locking part. I always put the sunscreen component on during the daytime, and especially during summer. The moisturizing side kept my lips felling smooth and soft. Definitely a good purchase.

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I like that the different ends have a smell. The night time smells calming and it does a good job keeping your lips hydrated at night. The day time side is great and has a citrus smell.

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Great chapstick that made my lips hydrated

This chapstick went on smoothly and hydrated my lips as I applied it. The only bad thing was that it seemed like I needed to reapply quite often to make my lips stay hydrated - but other than that it felt great!

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Kinda fun.

I'm not a big chap-stick user, but I do like the double-ended part. One for daytime and one for night! I usually use one side before I put lipstick on, just to keep my lips soft.

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Fun but Allergic!

This stick was definitely a treat to receive in the mail - until my lips blew up! One of the sides (AM) was a great SPF lip cover, and I'm sure the PM side is moisturizing. Due to packaging I did not see anything I was allergic to until I experienced it first-hand.

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