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For a thorough yet gentle cleansing, pair this brush with the Clarisonic Deep Pore Daily Cleanser.

Birchbox Breakdown

You know the rule for your toothbrush: Replace it every three months, after you recover from a cold, or anytime it falls on the floor (ugh). The same goes for your Clarisonic brush head: Change it up every three months, and you’ll ensure that your bristles are shipshape. This handy four-pack of brush heads will keep you fully stocked for a year’s worth of clean, glowing skin.

How it Works

Choose the set that best addresses your skin concerns. Anyone with normal to sensitive skin should opt for the “sensitive” brush. “Deep pore” is designed for anyone with oily skin or large pores. And the “combo” pack includes two sensitive and two deep pore brush heads. Compatible with every model of Clarisonic, these brush heads use a dual-action motion to deeply clean skin without any irritation.

How to Use

To remove a brush head, just press down firmly and turn it counterclockwise. It should pop right off like a childproof cap does on a medicine bottle. To attach a head, push it down and twist it clockwise until it locks into place. You’ll know it’s on securely when you hear it snap. And not to sound like a broken record, but: be sure to replace your brush head every three months.

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Love these brushes!

I love my Clarisonic. I've had it for over 2 years now and no complaints! The best purchase I've made for my face.

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Nice Replacement Brushes

Love the Deep Pore replacement brushes. These brushes last more than three months each, but I only use mine maybe 1-2 a week, as my complexion is pretty good.

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Value 4 Pack of Clarisonic Brush Heads

I use the Cashmere heads and they are the only ones that don't come in the four pack so I have written to Clarisonic suggesting they change that for all of us older ladies with very sensitive skin. I do however highly recommend buying two of the Cashmere heads and doing what I do to increase the longevity of both heads. I alternate the two heads, which lets the one I'm not using rest and dry out so that on the next night it's dry enough for me to use without any problems like mold setting in. So far I have been using my two heads for about six months nightly and they are still in great shape, so I think the alternating system works well.

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Helpful product

I like that Clarisonic provides this product. Replacing brush heads is important, and this 4 pack makes it convenient and is also a better value. However, I have not noticed superior performance from this brand over competitor brands.

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