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Four’s a crowd? Try the Core Bamboo 3 Part Swoop Entertaining Set instead.

Birchbox Breakdown

Instead of tossing olives and nuts into mismatched bowls, try this sleek entertaining set. It includes four artisan-crafted bowls that are perfectly sized for snacks and appetizers, plus a chic, eco-friendly bamboo tray. Spoons, one for each bowl, mean you don’t have to worry about double dipping. And all you sweets lovers: we wholeheartedly approve of repurposing these for candy and other treats.

How it Works

This sustainable set includes four dishwasher-safe, ceramic bowls, four matching spoons, and a bamboo tray measuring 19½” by 4½” by .47.”

How to Use

Fill the bowls with your favorite treat—salty, sweet, or a little of both.

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