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Start your lash look with Diorshow’s Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum and Primer for even more spectacular results. Apply a single coat to top and bottom lashes for instant, oversized volume.

Dior Diorshow Extase

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10 ml

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Birchbox Breakdown

Dior has long been our go-to source for rich, ultra-volumizing mascaras—their original Diorshow mascara has been a bestseller for over ten years! Now, they’ve bested themselves with this genius two-in-one treatment mascara. Dior took its classic volume-boosting formula and added a patented ceramide complex to help your lashes grow thicker and stronger over time. We put it to the test, and we’re thrilled to report that it won’t clump, smudge, or fade after a whole day of wear. Plus, we love how the tiered brush—inspired by the shape of Dior’s original couture dresses—helps us latch onto every lash for mega-dramatic effects.

How to Use

A single coat on your top and bottom lashes will do the trick, but we give you permission to build it for more intensity.

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