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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta® Peel 10 Pack

$35.00 Ships Free
10 pads

Availability: Out of stock


Birchbox Breakdown

If the word peel scares you, don’t worry: this skin-saving treatment won’t leave you with an angry tomato face. More than just an exfoliator, it actually improves the texture of your skin, minimize pores, lighten darks spots, and add moisture. You’ll see an immediate difference: smoother skin and fewer breakouts.

How to Use

Once a day, apply Step 1 pad to clean, dry skin, using small circles to cover the entire face and neck. Don’t press too hard and stop when the pad starts to feel dry. Wait two minutes and apply a Step 2 pad in the same way. Do not rinse or use products containing alcohol after either step. Your skin may tingle a bit but it goes away fairly quickly. Follow with a protective moisturizer and SPF.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Love these!

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered these, but I ended up loving them! My skin felt so smooth after using them and I could really see the difference. I highly recommend these! I ran out and started using another brand that does not compare, I will be going back to these for sure.

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Can't Live Without

I first tried this product a few weeks ago and bought the 14 day supply. I have a hard time with breakouts around the edge of the cheeks especially around that certain time of the month. Honestly, after one use I could tell a difference in my skin. After 5 days there was a significant difference in the texture and feel of my skin. They are very simple to use and easy to work into your skin regimen. This is definitely a product I will continue buying and using.

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Smaller pores? Yes!

I have been using these for a few months now and I feel they have improvd my skin's texture. They also leave my skin feeling moist, so a follow up moisturizer is not necessary. They can burn a little, so if your skin is sensitive or delicate, it might be a little irritated afterwards, but by morning, my skin is always looking good.

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I like to refer to these little cloths as "face magic" because they have had nothing short of magical results for me! (After going through this ten-pack, I went back and bought the jumbo sized boxes several times). I cannot recommend this highly enough! These kill white heads overnight (!!), and have left my skin radiant and smooth!

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Best Money Ever Spent

LOVE this product. My skin is terrible, and I've been plagued with acne since I was 12. I've tried every product, pill, cream, wipe, etc you can imagine. My skin would not cooperate.
After using the easy two step wipes, my skin was the best it had been in years. The individually packaged and well marked labels were a nice touch. It's great to come home from a long day of work or after a workout and know I have to wipe off with just two wipes, and I'll feel refreshed afterwards.
Fewer breakouts, my scarring is less prominent. My skin isn't perfect still-- and probably never will be-- but it is 100 times better than it was before I found this product.

My skin and I thank you, Dr. Gross.

A bit of caution: the wipes might be a bit strong for some people's skin. You might want to start using every other day rather than every day.

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