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If you’re partial to form-fitting earbuds, try Eastern Collective’s Scout Headphones.

Eastern Collective Restyle Earbuds

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Birchbox Breakdown

As much as we love Apple’s minimalist design, we prefer our tech accessories with a little extra attitude. These outdoor-inspired upgrades strike a perfect compromise, enhancing sleek, simple hardware with a rich burst of color.

How to Use

Like the Earpods that inspired them, these Technicolor wonders feature in-ear audio earbuds, volume- and track-changing buttons, and an integrated microphone. The woven nylon cords mimic rugged climbing gear, and thanks to a reinforced metal jacket, the resemblance isn’t just for looks.

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I really like the look but they quit working after 4 weeks

Basically I love the blue cord and the look of these headsets. But they quit working after 4 weeks and I'm out 30 bucks. I think they are just made way to cheap. So disappointed in these headphones especially since their so amazing looking.

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Not great quality, mine broke...

I bought these because as backups to keep in my car.

Pro: The ear pieces are comfy just like iphone earbuds, and I like the cloth chord, which is cute and hides makeup/dirt after some time of use better than the white earbuds.

Con: The wire feels a little cheap and the sound quality is not very good. The phone control bar also comes apart everytime I use them and I have to snap it back together.

Overall, they're fine for backup use, but I won't feel bad if I lose them. I wouldn't purchase them again.

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