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Echo Design Solid Pop Top Glove - Aquamarine Echo Design Solid Pop Top Glove - Hot Pink

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Need to keep in touch while keeping cozy? Check out Echo Design’s mSoft Echo Touch™ Gloves.

Birchbox Breakdown

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a balmy climate, winter raises a distinct conundrum: how to keep your hands both protected from those nasty elements and nimble enough for text messaging and lip gloss reapplication? That’s why we love these cuddly mittens that double as fingerless gloves. They keep our hands toasty and with a quick switch free our fingers for necessary purposes (like handing over our credit card).

How it Works

Echo Design’s Icelandic acrylic yarn contains a very low twist, which translate into comfy softness and extra insulation. When closed, the flap keeps fingertips warm; flipped open, your fingers enjoy greater movement.

How to Use

Take it from the name itself—pop off the top of the mitten, fasten to the secure button on the opposite side, and voilà! Your hand warmers have transformed into fingerless gloves.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Cozy Gloves, But Just too Bright

These gloves ended up being more bright teal/green than blue.

They are cozy and I love the ease of glittens but they are difficult to match with a coat.

Also they are way too light weight for truly cold weather.

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Just what I wanted

I wanted gloves that had no fingers so I could
drive and still have some warmth. They are
great going thru drive-thru I can pay and not
have to take the gloves off. I love them but hope
it will get warm soon so I can put away until
next year.

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Cute and Practical

I had been wanting fingerless gloves for work, since my office is so cold. These are even cooler, because of the mitten flap, so you can have full warm coverage if you want. I do think they were overpriced, which is why I rated them a 4 instead of 5. But oh well, I like them.

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