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For looser curls, try ENZO Milano’s Classic Series 31MM, which has a 1 1/4 inch barrel for big, bouncy waves.

Enzo Milano Conico Series Grande 25mm to 18mm

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Birchbox Breakdown

We’re notoriously indecisive when it comes to our hair—polished ringlets or big, beachy curls? Natural waves or messy bed-head? The answer to our dilemmas is this iron from the hair gurus at ENZO Milano. The tapered wand means you can create a number of different looks—all with the same tool. Bonus: Curls last for days even without hair spray.

How to Use

First, prep your hair with a protective oil or spray. Next, take small sections of hair and wrap around the iron, making sure not to touch the iron with your hand. Let set for about 3-4 seconds, then release. For natural looking waves, pull on the end of hair to loosen curls. Remember: Always use the heat-resistant glove for safety.

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Great curling iron

I love this curling iron. I like the bottom of the barrel is a little larger which helps curls look a little more natural. I have naturally curling hair, but sometimes ends up as frizz so I curl those pieces with a wand and it all blends in well. The only thing I would add that I have on another want is a tip that does not get hot. It tends to make it a little easier to handle.

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It's an amazing curling iron

This is by far the best curling iron I have ever used I didn't by mine from here but it's a fantastic curling iron

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Perfect curling iron

This iron makes curling so much faster and the curls last all day. Just wrap your hair around for a poof seconds and let go and poof: The perfect curl. I love this iron.

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