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Instead of applying glue directly to the lashes, Makeup artist Lindsey Jones advises applying glue to the center (not tip) of a Q-Tip and running that over the base of the lashes. You’ll have greater control and avoid using too much.

Birchbox Breakdown

As the saying goes, once you go fake, you never go back. Ok, maybe that’s not a saying but we think it should be: false lashes are the quickest way to take your regular look up a notch — or five. FAUX’s lashes are our go-to for when we want to look extra gorgeous. These delicate, natural looking lashes are perfect for just such occasions and provide just enough extra length and volume. They’re va voom — not vamp — and when applied correctly, no one will be the wiser.

How it Works

FAUX uses sterilized human hair and high quality synthetic blends to craft extremely natural-looking lash sets. Individually handmade and hand-knotted, these lashes are easy to apply for any special occasion, whether it’s happy hour or New Year’s Eve.

How to Use

Lift lashes out of package and make sure they fit your eyes. Trim to fit if necessary. Apply lash glue (not included) along the base and allow it to set for a few seconds until it is tacky. Flex lashes to ensure they are pliable and will form to the shape of your eye. Close your eye and place lashes as close to your lashline as possible. Finish with mascara to blend your real lashes and FAUX lashes together.

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