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Birchbox Breakdown

Tangled earbuds are the daily bane of our existence. No matter how carefully we wrap them up, they’re always a hot tangled mess when we retrieve them from our bags. The solution: This next generation earbud-tamer. Like its predecessor, it has a retractable mechanism that stores wires neatly and compactly—and it comes in jazzy patterns like Peacock and Marrakech.

How it Works

The retractable inner mechanism spins out to extend the earphones and neatly retracts with a gentle tug, keeping earphones tangle-free until the next use. It also features a handy magnetic closure function that safely and securely attaches to your clothes. The built-in mic features pause and play functions to conveniently handle both your tunes and incoming calls.

How to Use

Tug gently at both ends to retract the earbuds.

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I love these!!! I've bought headphones with microphone on it before but never could use it with my phone because the connection was never clear enough, and my friends or family said they heard echoing. But these are awesome! Crystal clear sound connection, and so clear they hear every thing in the background perfectly well too lol and the magnet is a huge bonus! I can attach it to my shirt and leave it there till I am ready to use them. I love it!

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The sound quality is amazing on these. The earbuds have a great grip to stay in your ears. I love that the magnet is so cute and the cord is retractable.

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Very useful

No need to mention how cute this is. But it is also useful and I can keep it near all times, just stick it to a magnetic surface.

I don't use much headphones or earbuds, unless I'm studying with my husband nearby, or on the bicycle at the gym. This one is good enough for my needs: occasional, short periods of time. The magnetic works perfectly and it never tangles. This is all I need.

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I thought these were great at first as I only put in one ear bud while I'm at work. However, when I went to put in the second one.... It wouldn't reach my other ear. I was able to separate the cord some but it gets to a point where it seems glued and it won't go any further. I'm going to see if I can exchange these.

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OK sound, heavy magnet

The sound on these is just fine, not especially good but not bad. They are really cute, but I found that the magnet was heavier than I expected and it fell off a few times while I was using them, making it less helpful for travel than I expected. The retracting tool did work well, so that was as advertised.

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