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Use with the Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray for sexy beach waves.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Mane Hair Oil

.3 oz.

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Birchbox Breakdown

Mermaids have always held a certain allure (hey, they could be real!), so when we heard about this Mermaid Hair Oil, our visions of flowing, lustrous mermaid-esque hair were more than enough motivation to try it. With just a few drops, the oil adds luster and moisture to your hair, leaving you with soft, silky tresses that feel divine with a smell even better.

How to Use

Rub a couple of drops into your palms and massage into hair, focusing on the ends. Wipe the excess on the rest of your hair for a shiny, silky mane.

Organic argan oil, kukui nut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, essential oils of organic lemon, organic rosemary and cedarwood.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Loves it!

This stuff is amazing. It leaves my hair in great condition, never greasy. I'm surprised by how many reviews mention that a little goes a long way, DUH, it's an oil and it come with an eyedropper. One or two drops is enough!

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this was a game changer for me

i can't rave about this hair oil enough. it's a holy grail product for me. i have wild, thick wavy hair with an unruly texture. using this after i blow out my hair just completely transforms it. after i blow dry, i put a few drops on the ends, roll up a couple sections into little low buns with duck clips, and after it sets for a bit i undo the clips and - boom - mermaid hair. i have yet to try it when i air dry my hair, because i'm stilll transitioning into going more natural, and haven't been able to let go of the blow dryer yet. but i suspect it's going to be awesome. if you are looking to go more natural with your hair products, and have an untamable mane, i highly suggest trying this stuff.

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Works well and smells heavenly

I love this hair oil, it works well, is hydrating and smells heavenly- like rosemary. Some people might not like the more herb-y smell, but I find it refreshing! I only gave it four stars because you have to be very careful to not be too heavy handed with this product. I use two drops for my long hair and if I don't distribute it enough my hair quickly turns oily. This also means the product lasts a long time though, so some might not see this as negative, just beware when you're experimenting!

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A little goes a long way

I tend to get really dry, split ends in the winter. I haven't changed my hair care routine at all other than adding this product and I have noticed significant improvement. The only issue is that application is almost an exact science. You want to make sure the get the exactly perfect amount for your hair. It takes some trial and error to get right, but once you do it is perfect.

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WOW !! Love the Mermaid Mane Oil !

My first thought when I saw this product in the Birchbox collection was that I was intrigued and would have to try it. I purchased two bottles so my daughter would have one also since she is my mermaid with gorgeous, long thick hair. She is a fan of pure oils and was very pleased with the scent and consistency of the oil. The beautiful blue bottle adds to the charisma and mystery of the mermaids - the perfect color for a bottle of mermaid mane oil ! I believe this product was in a special collection Mermaid Box and I wish and hope that Birchbox will bring this collection back...... PLEASE.......My hair is long and thick and the beautifully scented oil gives shine and smoothness to my locks. I have recently purchased two more bottles so that we may continue to be mermaids in spirit and have the hair to match !

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