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For the Makers

Birchbox Breakdown

There is just something so classic and feminine about a lingerie drawer with a light, clean lavender scent. With this DIY kit, you can create your own lavender sachet out of metallic linen fabric that instantly modernizes this classic boudoir accessory. Try it and you just might find yourself tossing one everywhere: your gym bag, your car…even your desk drawer at the office.

How it Works

No sewing machine required here. For the Makers sets you up with the essentials—sewing needle, thread, fabric, and dried lavender—to create a sachet that’s all your own. (Note: You will need scissors, tape, and a pen, as well as the sachet template, if preferred.) Just follow this easy step-by-step tutorial and have fun with different shapes and sizes, or even add your own monogramming for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

How to Use

This sachet is a must for every lingerie drawer, but it’s also a great touch for any linens or towels you have stored away. Once you have the technique down, try experimenting with other dried herbs like rose petals, peppermint leaves, or lemon verbena.

sewing needle, sachet template, dried lavender, metallic linen, thread bobbin in smoke

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Great Lavendar Sachet

these are fun build it your self sachets - great for the drawer and a fun activity to put together.

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Very easy to make. Makes two sachets. I put one in my pillow, and it has helped me get to sleep. The other one makes my cloths smell great!

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