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These loose teas are great with Løv Organic’s eco-friendly tea filters.

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Taking a midafternoon break to brew yourself a cup of tea will put you in a better mood than checking your Facebook feed for the millionth time. Made with certified organic ingredients, each of these targeted Løv Organic blends is designed to promote wellness in a different way, from aiding digestion to spurring relaxation.

How it Works

Infused with sweet hints of peach and apricot, Løv is Beautiful is a blend of white tea, green tea, and zinc-rich green rooibos that nourishes skin. Packed with antiaging cinnamon and ginger, Løv is Good is a bit spicy and also has licorice and fennel to help digestion. Antioxidant-rich Løv is Pure has detoxifying properties thanks to its blend of green tea and South American mate (apple and citrus fruits lend a fruity twist). Løv is Zen combines caffeine-free South African rooibos with hints of apple, orange, and caramel to set your mind at ease. The reusable steel tin, each in a fresh hue, takes it cues from the clean aesthetic of Scandinavian design.

How to Use

Fill a paper filter or infuser with tea. Steep in hot water for three to five minutes, depending on the blend of your choosing.

Love is Good: Aniseed*, fennel*, liquorice*, cardamom*, ginger*, cinnamon*, pepper*, cloves*

Love is Zen: Rooibos*, apple pieces*, lemon balm*, blackberry leaves*, natural orange and caramel flavour

*Organically grown ingredients

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Tin & tea are fabulous

Not only is the tea really delicious. I love the nice tin! I will use the tin to store all my treasures, or more tea! The tea is organic which is something I look for.

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Love this tea!

I've been trying to find unique, organic herbal tea and on a whim I tried Lov Organic. After having this tea, I am hooked!! The packaging is cute and I feel the amount of tea given is appropriate for the price. Yum!

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heaven in a tin

I truly lov (ha! get it!?) this product. I often have it sitting on my desk here at work.....and it is usually steeping, awaiting my sipping. It smells delicious and tastes delicious; I love that it is a white tea and green tea blend. Once the tea is all gone then I have an adorable pink tin....I don't know what I will do with it, but I'll for sure be using it! I have started to get other people hooked on this particular tea and I will be buying this version as well as other versions from this brand as well.

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Love the tin (can't wait til it's empty so I can re-use it) and the tea. It's really relaxing to have a cup of this.

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Tastes great!

This tea is such a treat! I smell mango and peach as it steeps, then taste the smoothest blend of citrus. Turns out that all the notes I smelled and tasted are in the tea! It even tastes delicious cold. Be sure not to steep the leaves too long or in boiling hot water. The best brew comes from letting the water cool down. No sugar or honey needed!

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Awesome Tea

I ordered this tin of LOV Organic tea and I am very pleased with the pretty, durable tin and the high quality ingredients. The loose leaf tea will make many cups of tea and wonderful to drink either hot or iced.

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