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MakeupDrop™ The Original Silicone Makeup Applicator

$20.00 Ships Free

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Birchbox Breakdown

Don't lose half your makeup to a brush or sponge—let this silicone applicator tap and blend your favorite primer, foundation, blush, highlighter, and concealer without wasting their precious formulas. The non-porous surface prevents absorption but also makes it easy to clean, so it never harbors bacteria. The teardrop shape lets you navigate smaller parts of your face (read: undereyes, around your nose) and with its translucent color, you can apply multiple shades and colors without disturbing the integrity of the hues. Just a little makeup goes a long way, saving you time and more of your products.

How to Use

Apply product directly to the applicator and dab into skin. Blend evenly using circular motions. Use the tip for smaller corners. Clean with soap and water and then let dry.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


Honestly, I never really had a problem with a make up sponge soaking up my foundation, but was curious about this applicator. It made weird lines and a weird texture when I used it to put on foundation. I think this is kind of just a gimmick-y product.

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Am I doing it wrong?

2 stars because it's a cool product and maybe I'm doing it wrong lol. I've tried it a few times and each time I was unimpressed. First it just moved the foundation all over my face and it looked disgusting! I kept trying to make it work, but nope. I tried using very little foundation and it was better, but still didn't look great. I just don't know... it's so odd.

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What’s with the weird edge flap?

I got this in a limited edition box. I noticed they also sell a blending textured version. So I figured I would just use this for applying but not blending. It was great for using less foundation/ B.B. cream/product for the initial application. but I definitely had to blend it out with my trusty beauty blender. I ended up using this for putting on face masks. It’s been amazing. I can put a thin layer, that’s even on quickly. No mess on my hands and wasted product.
The only thing I really hate is I can only use one side. It’s not really a multi-dimensional product. There’s a thin lip flap of plastic around an edge. It creates weird marks and m

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Works like I thought..

I'm giving 2 stars because maybe I'm using it wrong.. That's all I can think because it works horribly. It feels kind of like rubber. I tried it with my regular Maybelline foundation and a cushion foundation. It just smears the makeup around my face. I received it in one of the limited edition boxes, and I'm glad I got to try it, but I would be very disappointed if I had paid for just the product. Maybe I'll try it with something other than foundation...

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I received this in the Latest and Greatest box -- I'm obsessed! I love that it is not porous, so you don't lose product in little crevices and is easily washable (and dries easily) so you don't have to worry about it being germy. I was applying my daily BB cream with my fingers and struggling with streaks, but hadn't found an applicator I liked, but I think this MakeupDrop is perfect.

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