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Before washing, always remember to pre-treat stains with The Laundress® Stain Solution or The Laundress® Wash & Stain Bar.

The Laundress®

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We love the way we feel after working up a sweat at the gym. What we don’t love is the way our sweat-drenched workout gear smells after spending a day in our gym bags. That’s why we use The Laundress® Sport Detergent, specifically formulated to fight odor and bacteria in synthetic clothing. The crisp citrus scent will leave your stuff smelling great so you can focus on what’s really important: your next workout.

How to Use

This athlete- and trainer-approved detergent uses plant-based surfactants and enzymes to kill bacteria while removing oils and odors from soiled clothing. Ideal for use on moisture-wicking, breathable, and water-repellant fabrics.

Biodegradable plant-based ionic and non-ionic surfactants, color guard, enzymes (protease, lipase) and blend of essential oils. VOC-, phosphate-, phthalate- and dye-free.

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I have a front loader and found that the detergent was still in the detergent bin after I washed my clothing. I followed the directions as they were written on the bottle. Not sure what happened. I had to thin the detergent with water when I re-ran the washing machine. That seemed to do the trick. My clothes were not overpowered with the detergent's fragrance- which is nice as I hate having smelly clothing even if the smell is pleasant. If I can figure out how to make this detergent work in my washing machine I will continue to use it.

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Very floral fragrance

Sniffing from the bottle, the product has a strong floral fragrance (not unpleasant, but maybe not what a man would want to smell like?). Four capfuls required in a HE washer, and the goopy consistency makes it difficult to measure. When the clothes were wet I could still smell the floral fragrance, but it dissipated when the clothes were dry. Not sure if it took the deep stink out of my synthetic clothes in just one wash, but it seems to work ok so far in terms of getting the clothes clean. I'll keep using it and see - not sure if I'd buy again (expensive compared to Tide) but it made doing laundry a bit of a treat, which is nice.

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Smells amazing!

My sports clothes get a little funky - imagine a chamois after 4hrs in the saddle and you'll get my drift. I've used other technical-fabric specific detergents before, and I have liked them all. But none smells as amazing as this stuff. Highly recommended.

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Cleans those Moisture wicking fabrics!

I have complained for sooo long about how I can never really get the gross work-out smell out of my moisture wicking technical fabrics. Nothing would do it...and this does---it doesn't just cover up the stink with fragrance either. The light scent is pleasant too though.

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Must-have for anyone who works out

My husband wears a lot of the workout shirts that really smell awful after a sweaty session at the gym. We are talking GROSS. I soaked a few of the shirts in the sink with this before washing in the machine. It is something I will never go without from now on. It cleans the odor and grossness right out of the fabric. As always, DO NOT put that type of fabric in the dryer. Air drying is best. So, so glad that birchbox carries The Laundress products!! They are all amazing.

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Actually works!

I have a front HE washer and this works great! I use have the amount I used before. The fragrance is nice, not super strong and doesn't make my husband "smell like a girl". The thing I love the most is that it actually gets bad smells out of work out gear instead of just masking them. It's pricy, but extremely concentrated. In the long run it is cheaper because you use so much less. Also, I get hives from just about every detergent that isn't hypoallergenic, I have never gotten them from any of the laundress products. I hope they start carrying the iron water and signature detergent too!!!

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