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After cleansing, follow up with Liz Earle Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic for an even brighter complexion.

Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloths

$7.50 Ships Free
2 cloths; 36 cm. x 36 cm. each

Availability: In stock


Birchbox Breakdown

Cleansing alone isn’'t enough to prevent clogged pores: You also have to remove dead skin cells before they build up and lead to breakouts. These ultrasoft 100 percent cotton cleansing cloths gently exfoliate and thoroughly remove all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup, as well as increase circulation. Tightly woven fibers gently lift away dulling dead skin cells along with any remaining cleanser on your face. After just one use, you'’ll wonder how you ever washed your face without it.

How to Use

After applying one or two pumps of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser to dry skin, dampen the cloth with warm water and massage against face in gentle, circular massaging motion. Rinse thoroughly and allow cloth to air dry. Every third use, machine wash with your other whites and allow to air-dry naturally.

100% Cotton/Muslin

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Great exfoliant cloths for face!!

So glad I bought this set of muslin cloths to wash my face with. They are bigger than normal wash cloths and every third use throw them in the wash with whites and they work just the same. They are cheap and exfoliate your face better than normal wash cloths do. I plan on buying four more so I can wait longer to wash them. I highly recommend this product!

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These are definitely a staple​!

I​ ​received one of these cloths​ ​with the Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser​ ​awhile ago and kept meaning to try it but never really got around to it. When I finally did​,​ it was ​a game​ changer for me. Although​ I didn't love ​the cleanser, I use​ the muslins​ ​everyday. I really enjoy the gentle exfoliation. ​

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Soft and Reusable clothes

I got these cloths a while ago and I still love the way they fell along my face. This is one of the best products that came in my Birchbox, very soft and reusable.

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Can't go without it

I recently moved and have misplaced my muslin cloth that I got with my Birchbox kit one time and now am totally lost without it and ordered another set. Good thing it comes in a pack of 2, so maybe I won't misplace one of these. My face has never felt so clean and can remove waterproof eyeliner and mascara easily and when you wash the cloth out, there are not residue of the product. Great product and will never be without it. Everyone needs to try it and see the results for themselves.

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These Liz Earl Muslin Cloths Are All I Use

I have about 6 of 7 Liz Earl Muslin Cloths. I only use these on my face now. Unless, I'm removing sticky or muddy type masks. I dont want to ruin them. Theh feel like z cats tongue on your skin but, just a tad bit less course. They are designed to exfoliate as you cleanse. They will need replaced every so often because, the material tends to soften up over time. When its time to wash mine, I soak them in a gentle laundry cleaner, I use Seventh Generation. All natural laundry cleaner. (I dont refer to it as laundry detergent) then I rinse them well, and soak them in a mild bleach water solution. I can use and wash them about 4 or 5 times, then I start using a new one. I am so use to using these Liz Earl Cleansing Cloths, I dont use anything else unless I'm removing a dark or mud type mask. You'll love how these Liz Earl Muslin Cloths exfoliate naturally every time you cleanse. I remove my make up every night. In the morning, I dont always use z cleanser because, I have dry skin. The only thing I'm removing, are my previous nights creams so, that really doesnt need cleansed off. Water is all and with the roughness of these Muslin Cloths, I'm able to remove any surface creams and serum that may have not absorbed into my skin but, the by product of those creams. You dont need to cleanse every morning if your only removing last nights creams unless youre fighting acne or using a retinol. Retinols do need cleansed in the AM. But, by all means, use the Liz Earl Muslin Cloth with the LE Hot Cloth Cleanser. Each cloth has about a 6 week life span. And, that mighg be stretching it. Use your own judgement about when YOU feel ready to replace one. Theres no set rule.

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