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Tweezerman’s Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers are another essential element of your beauty tool kit.

Tweezerman Stainless Steel No Slip Skin Care Tool


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We’re all guilty of the occasional pimple-squeezing session. To make things worse, we use our fingers to perform the function. Not only is that an easy way to introduce new bacteria, but we’re practically asking for an acne scar. The good news? A little DIY facial work is okay if we use the right tools. This double-sided, no-slip skin care tool works to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads in a flash, leaving you with smooth skin.

How to Use

Open pores by taking a steamy shower or using a hot washcloth. For white heads, gently glide the angled wire over the trouble spot to release debris from the pore. For blackheads, use the opposite side’s long, flat loop to gently press out the gunk. Clean tool and skin before and after use.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Should have bought this a long time ago

I suffer from bad adult acne and always picking at my face. I constantly break the skin and leaves my face even more of a mess. I know you're "not supposed" to pop your pimples, but no one wants to talk around with a giant white head. This tool I wish I knew about this tool years ago as it clears my pores right out and leaves no marks! Not even red marks! love it and would highly recommend to friends with bad skin.

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Good for what it is

There are a lot of disappointed reviews on here that the tool didn't work as they had hoped. This is a very high quality tool that works quite well for what it is. This isn't going to work on blemishes where the whitehead hasn't come up to the surface and isn't going to magically extract all blackheads if you don't take the time to properly steam your face and slowly work your skin.

That being said, I have still found that the shape of the narrower rounded side could be improved for maximum extraction. I can't ever seem to find a good angle for it to be effective. I prefer the flatter side for both whiteheads and blackheads as I feel it is more gentle and effective.

BE SURE TO STERILIZE BETWEEN USES!! I keep cotton balls and rubbing alcohol nearby to clean between each press on the skin. If I am able to pop a rather large blemish I will use the rubbing alcohol to gently dab the skin as well to disinfect. So far I have not experienced any redness after the fact except for the 20 minutes or so immediately after use.

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I first heard of this product from Dr. Pimple Popper and decided to try it out. I absolutely love it! It works so well!

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Helpful, but Careful!

I've been using this tool for a while and I really like it to help push out extra black heads on my nose and chin. However, BE CAREFUL! If you push too hard on your skin, or are digging too much, there is the potential to give yourself scars. This happened especially to me when I was trying to open large pimples on my face. When you use it be gentle and use it after you've taken a shower or bath so that your pores are as open as possible. The grip is nice and I also like that there are two sizes. Sometimes I use this tool to help (carefully) scrape dead skin from my nose, lip, or chin that I missed when exfoliating.

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Best Little Thing Ever!

I would totally recommend anyone to get this that has trouble with acne or blackheads. I personally only use the smaller end most of the time but the larger end is great for white heads. This tool makes your acne marks basically disappear and the little bumps go away so much faster! This tool is a must!

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