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Skin&Co Skin Conditioning Body Lotion with Sicilian Orange Extract

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While showering, exfoliate with Skin&Co Roma’s Body Gel with Tuber—it’s great at buffing away dead cells and will help your body lotion sink into skin.

Birchbox Breakdown

From Monica Bellucci to Sophia Loren, luminous skin seems to be a prerequisite for Italian citizenship. (That and a high regard for homemade pasta.) We’re getting our version of the Mediterranean glow with this skin-soothing body lotion from Italian brand Skin&Co Roma. Made with zesty Sicilian orange extract, the lightweight formula refreshes our skin and keeps it smooth long after we hop out of the shower.

How it Works

This hydrating formula is packed with natural ingredients. Sicilian orange extract replenishes dry skin and leaves behind a sweet scent. Meanwhile, witch hazel extract, a natural anti-inflammatory, soothes away irritation and calms redness. Finally, moisturizing olive and almond oils softens rough patches and keeps dryness at bay.

How to Use

Post-shower, massage a generous amount of lotion into your skin, concentrating on rough patches like your elbows and knees. Apply as often as needed.

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