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Need to cover red spots or breakouts? Keep a tube of W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Stick Foundation in your purse for spot corrections throughout the day.

W3LL PEOPLE Altruist Satin Mineral Foundation

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Birchbox Breakdown

Thanks to organic ingredients and triple-milled pigments, this mineral foundation takes the “natural” look to a whole new level. Just one application evens skin tone, quashes redness, and bestows a healthy glow. Best of all, it feels totally breathable and lightweight—perfect for those who don’t love the heaviness of liquid formulas.

How to Use

Dip a brush into the jar to collect a small amount of powder (a little goes a long way). Swirl brush into powder cap to distribute evenly, then dust over face in downward strokes, moving from the outside in. Repeat as needed for more coverage.

Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Mica, Kaolin Clay, Serecite, Silica, Organic Aloe Barbadenis (Aloe)*, Matricaria recutita (Chamomile)**, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea)*


p> *USDA Organic, **QAI

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I received this stuff a few days ago along with the foundation stick and color balm stick. This mineral foundation is what I have wanted the countless other ones to be. This foundation is very finely milled, but provides excellent coverage. I do use it in conjunction with the foundation stick, but I feel that my skin looks as awesome as it does due to this product. I have very sensitive acne prone skin. Everything breaks me out and since I have started using this I have noticed a reduction in my blemishes. I have light- medium skin and I use medium neutral and the color blends right in. You need a little bit to achieve flawless, glowy face.
The first day I used it someone asked me if I had changed my makeup because my skin looked amazing! I never ever get compliments on my skin.
The ingredients are wonderful all natural and the price is comparable to other mineral makeups. With some setting spray this product lasts from early in the morning till late at night so that is another positive! I love this product so far and will update after using it longer.

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Perfect light coverage - even for dry skin

This is the holy grail of mineral makeup. I was experiencing a lot of chin breakouts and decided to change my foundation to something more natural. Well, this did the trick. The coverage is light but flawless, and the matte finish really makes my skin look amazing. Plus, this stuff *feels* fantastic and it doesn't dry out my sensitive skin, even in winter. It's pricey but whoooo cares - if you can afford this product, it's totally worth it.

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Little disappointed

I'm a little (ok... maybe a lot!) disappointed with this product. I've been wanting to try it for a while and finally gave in an bought it. For $30, you barely get ANY powder in this little container. The container itself is tiny and it isn't even filled up all the way. I can find the same foundation powder for a lot cheaper and has way more product! I'm glad I got to try it but I feel like I wasted $30. They need to really re-evaluate the pricing on this. If it was half as expensive, I would buy again. But since it's not, I will not be buying again. Sorry.

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Great sheer application, natural minimalist look

I have dry skin and hesitate to use powdered foundations because they tend to be drying, but I like the ease of application with powders and that I can do I thin, even layer much easier with a powder foundation than a liquid one. This foundation is perfect for achieving that goal, and surprisingly does not dry out my face at all. It just perfectly and naturally evens out my skin tone without making me look like my skin is painted on. Would definitely recommend.

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Great skin decision

Although there isn't fantastic coverage, this has been a great decision for my skins appearance. I used to use a cream foundation and boyyyyy did I pay for it over the years. To say I had awful break outs is to put it kindly. Since I began using well peoples mineral makeup I can see a total difference! My skin can breathe, and for that it thanks me by clearing up. What a relief!

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