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For a snag-free curling experience, detangle and smooth hair with the The Beachwaver Co. "Power" Paddle Brush.

The Beachwaver Co. The BEACHWAVER™

6.5" Ceramic Rod

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Birchbox Breakdown

Invented by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, this game-changing curling iron is genius enough to crown her the Thomas Edison of hot tools. Her light-bulb equivalent of a beauty breakthrough? The steel rod rotates on its own, saving you the trouble of manually wrapping your curls——and ensuring that your ringlets are evenly spaced. At the press of a button, the rotating curling iron gently winds each lock of hair around its heated ceramic rod (and stops as soon as you let go). The rod can be switched to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise—, so your curls always twist away from your face. Eureka!

How to Use

Set the digital temperature control to your desired heat level. Next, choose your curl direction: Select “R” for the right side of your head and “L” for the left. Clamp the end of a piece of hair and press the “Go” button to make the rod rotate——no manual effort required. Once hair is wrapped all the way around the rod, unclamp to set the curl free. Repeat across your head, then finger-comb for loose, natural waves.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

LOVE IT! But heed my warnings...

THE GOOD: I just got this thing two days ago and have used it twice already-- it's great. It took me about 25 minutes to curl my hair all the way around (I have long hair and a lot of it) the first time, and right around 20 min the second time. I'm thinking after a few more tries I can knock it down to around 15? Which is pretty awesome in my opinion!

THE BAD: The wand is enormous. I couldn't tell by the photo how big this thing was going to be. Even my husband's eyes bulged when he saw it. I'm a small girl with small hands so this was a little hard for me to handle, but I'm getting better and I think I will eventually do fine with it. Also, the instructions say to always clamp the hair with the clamp facing inward toward you, and I disagree with that. If you do it that way on the left side you get clamp marks on your hair! But it works fine that way on the right. So on the LEFT- clamp outward, and on the RIGHT- clamp inward. Remember that :) And lastly be careful not to accidentally click the "GO" button before you're ready. It will start spinning on you and mess you all up. Someone else mentioned their hair getting stuck but I had no issues with that at all. I just made sure the little "kickstand" thing was pushed down so it wasn't in the way at all.

THE UGLY: As I mentioned, the wand is huge. It's also very hot. I had it set at 350 which was the default temp and also what it said was necessary for my type of hair. When I was curling the back of my head, my hand got tired and I unintentionally dropped my wrist to relax. The wand touched the back of my next for a split second and left me a nasty 2 inch burn mark. So, beware of this!

All that said, I love this thing and am so happy I got it. I definitely recommend it!

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I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend 200 bucks on a curling iron,but am I glad I did!! This is seriously the best thing ever. Heats up fast and makes curling your hair quick and easy. I have two kids and haven't curled my hair in forever because I never have the time. It took me 10 minutes to curl my whole head and the curls are beautiful!!! Definitely buy this product!

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THE best styling tool I've ever purchased

I have never been able to curl my hair and now I have perfect beachwave curls in 15 minutes! Best money I've ever spent!

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Only tool I use

I bought my beach waver 2 years ago, and have never had to use anything else. So versatile. I can do tight curls, beach waves, crimps, just about anything. Its so easy to use, especially for someone as uncoordinated as I am! Perfect look every single time.

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This is the best styling tool! I could never get the hang of curling my hair, either with a straightener, curling iron, or a wand, I would watch a ton of YouTube tutorials and still could not get the hang of it! So I decided to just buy it! I love it! it is the easiest styling tool I have ever owned! It took me barely 15 minutes to curl my hair! It was so easy! I am so happy with my purchase! It is worth every penny! It really works and it is so easy if curling your hair is not the easiest thing for you to do!

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