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For the complete Italian experience, grab a tube of the Marvis Toothpaste as well.

Marvis Mouthwash Concentrate – Strong Mint

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120 ml

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Embodying that Italian zest for living, Marvis makes luxurious, apothecary-strength oral hygiene products. Good for both teeth and gums, this concentrated mouthwash cleanses and refreshes with a peppermint rush that lasts for hours—so you can go to town on that garlic, as long as you swish soon after. Extracts, xylitol, and propolis kill germs and bacteria, while the forceful mint flavor promotes lasting fresh breath. The vintage-looking bottle earns additional style points, too.

How to Use

Dilute with water before use.

Aqua (Water/Eau), Glycerin, Poloxamer 407, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Aroma (Flavor), Propolis Extract, Sodium Saccharin, Xylitol, Sodium Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Limonene, CI 42090(FD&C Blue no. 1), CL19140 (FD&C Yellow No.5).

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STRONG and effective

This stuff is the REAL deal for banishing garlic and onions....all that stuff that you enjoy but don't want others to smell on you.

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I’ll be buying more!

What a great mouthwash. The taste is not overpowering at all and yet it works better than most. No matter what you have to eat this can eliminate the oder. I enjoy the peppermint taste it seems just right. Be sure to follow the instructions, it’s concentrated. I use half the water and half a cap full to reconstitute it. I will be purchasing this product again.

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I love Marvis toothpaste but find it a little more costly than I'd like to pay. This mouth rinse is actually nicely priced considering one can mix it himself. I think 1 part Marvis to 3-4 parts water works well. The taste is mild when swishing and seems to be more invigorating once I spit. While I love the packaging, it is kind of sloppy to pour the rinse to mix with water. I'd also like to see them test out different flavors...like maybe cinnamon.

Pro: great packaging, cost effective
Mod: masks breath for short while (not really any less than others), bottle could be larger
Con: could use a dropper for mixing

Very nice product!

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User error perhaps?

I was hopeful in trying this product although I had never tried anything in this line before (I had heard about the brand). I had read all of the reviews and I have to say they were all right! It is called ‘strong’ mint but it really isn’t compared to the standard mouthwashes. There is no burning feeling using this product (as you have with others). For some people the lack of the burning feeling makes them feel like it didn’t work. That didn’t really bother me but my issue was more with the bottle. The bottle is soooo much cuter on your countertop than competitors but it is a non-diluted concentrated version of the product. Meaning that every time that you use it you are supposed to mix it with water. Here was my issue, the cap was not one that you could mix the product with water in… so you were supposed to get little cups to do it? Or do it in your mouth? Also, the cap didn’t have a measuring line or anything to assist with the mixing of the product with water. I tend to be a stickler for following directions and the lack here was a head spinner for me. Also, my bottle seemed to not last very long…

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Left fresh taste in mouth. Mouthwash is strong but not overpowering

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