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To keep your smokey eye looking sharp, prep your lids with Smashbox Cosmetics 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer.

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer

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Birchbox Breakdown

Unlike Hollywood royalty, we only have cameras pointed at us when we'’re taking selfies to post on Instagram. Nonetheless, we still want to look good for our next impromptu photo op. This award-winning primer helps foundation go on smoothly and last all day. It also minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines for a flawless finish. No wonder it has so many followers. Pros rely on this best-selling formula to create an ideal canvas for foundation, but you can also wear it alone if you want to reduce the look of flaws without the coverage of full-on makeup. It contains antioxidant-rich ingredients like vitamins A and E, green tea, and grapeseed extract that help smooth and protect skin. Best of all, the lightweight, oil-free primer absorbs quickly, so you can move on to the rest of your routine without skipping a beat.

How to Use

With your fingertips, apply a dime-sized amount to freshly washed skin. Next, apply your foundation, or just wear the primer solo.

Please visit www.smashbox.com to inquire about ingredients.

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OK, but not really worth it.

This is a very solid foundation primer. It smooths over your skin, making pores and little lines much less noticeable and giving your skin an awesomely soft feel. It doesn't clog pores, smell gross, or feel heavy. A little goes a long way, and ultimately you'll look much better with this on under your foundation.

That said, Monistat's Anti-Chafing Gel, which you can get at the drugstore for ~$6, is the same thing. Literally the same thing.

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Best primer!

I started using this primer over 10 years ago and can't recall why I stopped. This works fantastically under my foundation (I weat Estée Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear Light). My makeup stays in place and keeps the oil in check. I tried porefessional but it made my makeup slide which is never a good thing.

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Actually jumped online to purchase this again tonight. It is silky smooth and helps with the fine lines. I also love the way it evens everything out. This is added to my must have list!

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One of the better primers

I've used Younique primer for a really long time, and was always in love with it until they changed their formula. A friend referred me to this primer and I think it is very comparable to my old primer. You need only a small drop, and it covers your entire face. So the tube lasts a long time. It goes on very smooth and feels extremely light weight. Using this and then a setting spray, has always worked for me.

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I just really don't understand primers with silicone. I'm not a fan of any of the smashbox primers. They just sit on top of my skin and do little but provide a base for my foundation to just slip off of. I have a normal skin type so maybe my face isn't oily enough for a mattifying silicone primer.

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