Your beauty motto: There are no rules. You’re a risk-taker by nature and you’ll try anything once. Lime-green liner? Totally! False lashes? Fun! Neon nail polish? For sure! Nothing is too bold, too bright, or too daring to wear—after all, isn’t beauty all about having fun?

Eyes & Face

You preach the importance of amazing mascaras, liners, and blushes—they’re the foundation, after all. Accordingly, you’re equipped to create any look, from pretty-and-polished with nude lids and shimmery cheekbones or total scene-stealer with colored eyeliner and dangerously defined brows. Shop More


You love being a loud mouth—when it comes to your lipstick anyway. Punchy hues like magenta, aubergine, and crimson are staples in your routine—why bother wearing a color if you can’t really see it? Shop More


From girly glitter to gloomy grays, you’ve never met a nail polish you didn’t like. There’s only one thing that’s off limits: a signature color—you keep things fresh by always switching it up! Shop More


Sweet florals are all well and good but you gravitate toward scents that are distinctive, intriguing, and most of all, memorable. Shop More