It’s no coincidence that Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of your favorite films. You appreciate fads, but they have no place in your routine. Instead, you gravitate toward clean, traditional looks—think more Kate Middleton than Katy Perry. And when it comes to color, you use it as an accent, not the focal point of your look (unless you’re wearing crimson lips, of course).

Eyes & Face

Your makeup look exudes confidence—and that starts with flawless skin (thankyouverymuch concealer). You know the power of a great mascara and kick-butt black liner, but you’re careful to never overdo either. And when it comes to color, your rule is everything works in moderation. Shop More


Nothing says classic quite like bright red lips—but that’s not the only shade in your lipstick collection. You’ve got plenty of pinks, nudes, and ever-so-slightly shimmery glosses to play with. Shop More


As far as you’re concerned, the only bright color that belongs on nails is a cheerful cherry. Otherwise, you stick to what’s sophisticated: light pinks, tempered beiges, and the occasional dark taupe or gray (in winter, of course). Shop More


Your nose favors fragrances that are polished and grown-up, chock-full of refined notes that range from jasmine and vanilla to sandalwood and musk. Shop More