The last thing you want is for your beauty routine to slow you down, which means double-duty products are the rule, not the exception. That’s not to say your no-fuss regimen is indifferent; in fact, you’re extra picky because everything you use needs to have maximum impact for minimal effort.

Eyes & Face

When it comes to your skin and eye makeup, less is more. You embrace multitasking BB creams and you’re not one to forgo mascara, but your preferred look is, in the words of OutKast, so fresh and so clean. Shop More


In your opinion, nothing beats a good balm. But for occasions when you’re going for something a little fancier, you reach for stains or semi-sheer glosses. Bonus if they’re formulated with moisturizing ingredients. Shop More


You like barely-there shades that keep nails looking pretty and polished. Plus, chips in subtle colors aren’t as noticeable, making it easy to extend the life of your mani. Shop More


There are plenty days when you go sans scent—it’s just one more step, after all. But when you’re in the mood to spritz, you opt for zesty citruses and elegant florals. Shop More