You were wearing glitter nail polish before anyone else, and you introduced all your friends to the phenomenon that is Lorde. From crop tops to beachy waves, you’re right in step with what’s hot right now. That’s why you’ve always got your eye out for new ingredients, shades, and techniques.

Eyes & Face

Depending on your mood (read: outfit), your look varies: On low-key days, you’re all about bare skin and lip stains, but fashion-forward ensembles practically demand dramatic lashes and fully flushed cheeks. Whatever you choose, the result is always stylish. Shop More


Signature color? Forget it. You’ve had love affairs with them all: neons, neutrals, pastels. After all, playing the lipstick field is fun—and it keeps your look fresh! Shop More


Your favorite manicure can be summed up in two words: nail art. But you also love solid bold hues—just so long at they’re “in” this season. Shop More


As far as your concerned, every stylish celeb should have a fragrance. And you love when your favorite fashion brands release a scent. To sum up your perfume perspective: If it’s gotten buzz on beauty blogs, it belongs on your vanity! Shop More