No two coils are the same, but all curly hair requires a mini arsenal of hair helpers. Experiment to find the products best suited for you, but always use products specifically formulated for curly hair.

Soft Spirals

Perfect coils start in the shower. A good curly-hair shampoo and conditioner will help give your tendrils a natural softness. After towel-drying, add a styling lotion that adds definition and fends off frizz.

Straighten Out

Supersmooth hair has its perks—but the effort it takes isn’t one of them. Minimize the time you spend wrestling with your flat iron by using prep products that do the straightening for you.

Low Twists

When it comes to updos, don’t fight your curls—embrace them! Prep hair with a curl-plumping cream and then tightly coil sections of your hair. Pin sections up indiscriminately to give your style a romantic not-too-perfect vibe.