Though it’s neither short nor long, there’s nothing middle of the road about medium-length hair. Quite the opposite—it’s the most versatile length out there. Get excited to play!

Down the Middle

This flattering style is face-framing and low-maintenance. To compliment a precise middle part, smooth strands with a flat iron and a frizz-fighting serum.

Loose Curls

Transform a sleek bob with some playful curls. Prep strands with a light volumizer, then cue up the curling iron. Rake your fingers through your curls to make them look less perfect and finish with a glossing serum.

Faux Bob

Medium-length hair is ideal for a faux bob. But before you go teasing and pinning sections up and under, be sure to add some texturizing spray to give your style that authentically piecey look. For extra style points, use a high shine hairspray once hair is secure.