In many ways, you have the best of both worlds: curly and straight. Change things up day to day, depending on your mood, and take advantage of the versatility!

Beachy Waves

While they may look effortless, beachy waves do take work. Your allies: a great salt spray while hair is still wet and a hairspray once hair is dry. Try parting your hair off-center for a more relaxed feel.

Stick Straight

For strands this straight, you’ll need a flat iron. Minimize frizz with a hydrating in-shower products and always use a heat protector to reduce the damage from your tools. Finish with a frizz-controlling hair oil.

Side Chignon

For a goofproof style, pull hair back into a low and loose chignon. Use a little mousse pre-bobby pins to help tame frizz and when all said and done, attack pesky flyways with a touch of serum.

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