ncLA Isabel Adrian Nail Wraps

As a model-blogger-designer, Isabel Adrian knows a thing or two about being always on the go—without sacrificing her personal style. With these self-adhesive nail wraps—a collaboration between Adrian and ncLA—you get a distinctive, boldly patterned mani in minutes (without having to find time in your schedule to stop by the salon). What’s more, the stick-on wraps are remarkably easy to apply—just follow the simple instructions included in the kit.

ncLA Isabel Adrian Nail Wraps
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Surprisingly good!

I didn't expect to like these, but I do! they were super easy to apply. I have very short nails and weak nails, so I had to file them down quite a bit. The pattern was pretty bold, but I was wearing them for halloween. Nail polish usually chips on me within a day, so these are an excellent solution as they lasted about 4 days before I got a tear in the wrap. A little clear polish remedied the tear for another day.

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Not for me

I really thought I would like this product, since I did not have to file my nail bed down, seemed pretty easy. Well my nails only stayed on for 1 day (overnight) I am not a happy camper, especially since I am going out after work and only my pinky nail on my left hand has the product on (just barely, it is lifting) and on my right hand is my pinky and my thumb. Now I have to buy another product for tonight, not happy.

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these are really easy to use and seem like good quality. I know I will have to do some trimming to get them to fit just right ,but I have already done two nails and they are great.

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