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Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge

We love a classic gloss as much as the next girl, but there’'s something about shine-free lips that gives our style a dash of modern chic. This lip color from Aussie brand Mirenesse lets us rock the matte lip look in an on-trend, foolproof way. The mousse-like texture fills in fine lines for fuller-looking lips while a proprietary blend of Gel-lite technology delivers vibrant color that won'’t fade or feather.

Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge
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Excellent matte lipstick

Excellent product. I have purchased 2 since receiving a sample in my box. It does exactly what it says, It is hydrating while still being a matte product. Stays in place. It doesn't get five stars because it is hard to know what the colors are. New York, Tokyo, and London are Reds, New York is an orange red, Tokyo a true red and London more burgundy. Milan and Rome are neutrals, with Milan being almost nude and Rome being darker. Ibiza, Paris and Dubai are pinks. Sydney is are red but on me is more pink. Seoul is also a pink red but on me more an orange red. I hope this helps women get the right color.

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Not a stain, a lip rouge

I love this product. I got the pink one (Sydney) as a sample and then later the full-size red one (London), which was perfect because I was going to purchase it anyway. YASSSS. I like the packaging, it feels substantial. I did notice that the silver letters on the top of my sample were rubbing off when I was carrying it around loose in my purse. It has a pleasant but subtle fragrance.

Sometimes when I read reviews I get frustrated because reviewers will say contradictory things. How can that be? Did they get two different products? Is the formula inconsistent? I have read reviews for this product that say it comes off easily, that it will say all day, that it is a stain, that it is not a stain, etc. Hopefully I can help parse this out for you. The formula was exactly the same in both of the ones I received.

By its purest definition, this is NOT a stain. (Stainiac is a stain and that is a completely different texture and formula. I got a drugstore stain that was like a magic marker. Completely different.) It is, rightly so, named Lip Rouge. It’s a very specific thing. It is amazingly pigmented, and does have staying power. Its uniqueness is probably kind of a downfall for making comparisons to other kinds of products because I think folks expect it to behave like a product they have used before. It is a luxuriantly velvety matte cream formula, whose amazing pigment will stay on the lip even when you wipe away the creamy product. But is it a stain? No, it does not persist like a stain. In other words, you can apply this heavily and it can smear right off but color will stay for some time. Do you have the poise to wear a heavy coat of this crazy-rich color? I do not.

For those of us who consider ourselves to be beauty klutzes, having a layer of something that is so highly pigmented and applies creamy (read: will transfer and can be smeared around) is an opportunity to make a mess. While it’s possible that maybe I shouldn’t wear anything on my lips to keep me out of trouble, with Mattfinity Lip Rouge, I can really have lasting color and skip the dry cleaning bills. To do so, I have to be deliberate and restrained with my application. It’s not like swiping on some gloss on the run. Don’t let that applicator fool you. It’s not a gloss, and it does not shine. That applicator is peculiar. It’s kind of a doefoot, but flattened and bent to a curve to match the curve of your lips.

I always put on too much. (It’s occurred to me just now that I might do better with a lip brush.) It’s just lovely to feel on the lips. You see, it feels so good going on, I can’t help it. Then I have put on too much. With a paper towel I blot, and blot again, and blot again. I have to take most of it off to get it right. Then I feel like I need more. But that’s when I know it’s the right amount. Counterintuitive perhaps, but a technique that works for this beauty klutz.

Does this last as long as a stain? No, because it is not a stain. It’s a matte lip rouge. Want some shine? I guess you might want another product that has shine. I like it matte. If you put gloss on top, the color will transfer to the gloss applicator. It’s not as creamy as a lipstick. It doesn’t stay creamy but gets dry, but does not harden. When dry it does not feel slippery or velvety, but maybe a tiny bit tacky. To me that is not a bad thing. I wear it for the matte-ness, and the amazing color. Does it stay all day? For me it does not, but nothing I have tried truly stays all day. I would definitely say it is long wearing. Do you want a long wearing matte lip product with amazing color? Mirenesse Matfinity Lip Rouge is for you.

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Not for me!

The cot is way too bright for me!! Hot pink isn't a color I would use at all. Also, it stuck to everything but my lips!

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Awful color

I would really like to stop receiving red lipstick in each of my Birchboxes every month! It's getting old. I do not wear red lipstick or stain. I'm a nurse in an ICU and a much more muted tone would be better. How can we fix it so these don't keep coming every month? I adore the other products but this lipstick. Has got to go.

Katie Jesse
Toledo, Ohio

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Vivid color, long lasting

At first I wasn’t impressed with the longevity, but soon realized I was using too thick a layer. Once I used a thinner layer and gave it some extra time to dry, it was very long lasting

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Love It!

I got this sample in 2014 and I still use it! The red is very pretty and its really smooth!

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Best Color

I have use up every bit of this sample and am now ordering a full size. Long lasting, comfortable and beautiful color!

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I got this product in 2014 when I first starting using Birchbox, and it still one of my favorite lip products it goes on so smooth and stays all day. Favorite lip so far

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Loved it!

I loved the shade I received (Paris). It stayed on a very long time and had a very pretty matte lip effect while still being a gloss.

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Lip stain is not good for me

Lip stains and lip gloss makes my lips burn and stain all around them.

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