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Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Push-up Eyeliner

Striving for that classic swoop of eyeliner, we’ve struggled through more than our share of smudgy pencils, finicky liquids, and unwieldy gels. Enter this eye-opening gel pen, which gives us the control we crave. The pen’s innovative AccuFlex™ tip is both angled and flexible, gliding liner along the lid in a single, tug-free swipe. A wide guard below the tip gently shifts lashes out of the way, making it easy to get right against the lash line for an extra wide-eyed look. With colors this saturated and an applicator so fool-proof, now we can easily trace the perfect line every time. And no need to worry about touch-ups: It's waterproof, utterly unbudgeable, and it quickly dries to a matte finish.Take your pick of shades, from classic black to chocolatey brown and rich jewel tones.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Push-up Eyeliner
3.3 out of 5 stars, based on 5,664 Reviews 5,664 Reviews
3.3 out of 5 stars
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Messy, does not last long, not worth the hype

I love Benefit and their They're Real! line. However, this product is such a disappointment. First, it gets very easily messy and you have to get used to how long it takes for the liner to come out. While waiting, you may be tempted to try to usher more out and then it overflows and is essentially a waste of product. Or, you're stuck waiting and none comes out. The angle on this does nothing, as my cat eye is very messy. Typically, I can use a gel or felt tip liner and achieve a clean cat eye liner without needing to clean up with foundation/concealer -- this ALWAYS needs a clean up because the lines look like an 8 year old did it.

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The best eyeliner I own

I won't use any other eyeliner ever again for my eyelids! It gives you the perfect angle to do a subtle winged look, stays on, doesn't smear and lasts all day. It's easy to use and looks great every time. The only thing I don't like it for is the bottom eyeline. I use a regular pencil for that. I highly recommend this!

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They're real

I am not a huge eyeliner fan. Mainly for my
Own application issues. But I LOVE this eyeliner. Super easy to use and wonderful pigment !

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Hate it, very Frustrating

I never did quite figure this liner out. It is literally the consistency of a waterproof mascara. To use, you must click click click and wind the product up and through the pen to the slanted tip. After several clicks, the sludge appears, and does not distribute unto the liner applicator. Also, from the first use, I thought maybe I got a bad batch. Not so. It does not glide on as advertised. Instead you have to touch the product with your fingers. Then milk the sludge to the applicator tip. Finally, very carefully, try to line your eyes. You will be stuck with clumps and then a finger covered in waterproof mascara type matter that is almost impossible to remove. This product is not a pleasant way to line your eyes. I tried everything because I wanted it to work as well as the "TR" mascara. I thought it was me. It is just a terribly impossible product. If it was not for the price I do not think I would have went to all of this trouble. Most certainly, this eyeliner should come with a video tutorial DVD for this price. And even then, I have no idea if it will make you look beautiful. Not worth the hassle I went through; that is for sure.

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This is the best liner ever. It lasts for a really long time and it's designed to come out perfectly!!!

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Not worth it

I love Benefit, but I really don't think this product is all it's cracked up to be. I received one as a sample and purchased two full size, in different colors. Yes, it tracks your eye line smoothly and is relatively easy to use. My beef is that sometimes you twist the bottom many, many times to get any product to come out. I kid you not, I will sometimes twist 30 times for a single application. I think it takes a while to push out the top. I routinely end up using a different brand liner for part of my application because I can't wait for it. And then the next time I got to use it days later, it's over-flowing. Honestly, it's not worth the effort. Design flaw.

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Great idea, execution not so great

When I first purchased this eyeliner I loved the idea of an effortless, single glide to apply my eyeliner (I'm no makeup professional, so I was excited to have a liner to do most of the work for me!). But, the texture of the liner was odd, and the applicator was wasteful and here's why: every time I would take the lid off (after using it previously, the day before etc.), the liner would push itself out and a portion of it would be dried out before I can use it. So basically, I would have to clean off the tip of the applicator every time where some of the eyeliner was dried out. After doing this a few times I realized how much of the liner was going to waste. I would recommend a different eyeliner for makeup-novices!

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Difficult to use!!!

First, I love the color and how long it lasts. That's about all I can say as far as positive for this eye liner. When you first try to get the gel up to the top, it takes a very long time. It feels like it should be empty by the time it comes to the top! Then, if you click up too little, you have to stop in the middle of a line to click it up more. If you click up too much, it goes all over the sides of the top of the pen! It's messy and difficult to control. Not going to waste my money on this again!

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Not for me

This had so much press I thought for sure it was going to be amazing. It wouldn't come out of the tube! So after I messed with it several times I gave up.

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Difficult to apply

I found this extremely difficult to apply without the liner crumbling and coming out thick and not smooth on my eyelid. I have received 2 samples and had the same trouble with both of them. It took me 5x longer to apply my liner with this vs. my usual pencil and I still felt that it looked worse once I finished. I would not recommend this, though I do love all the other Benefit products I've tried.

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