Miss Jessie's® Original Pillow Soft Curls

We're kicking the outdated, crunchy curl look to the curb. This lightweight styling lotion gives definition to stubborn curls. The creamy formula delivers fluffy, touchable curls and larger than life volume, without weighing down your hair's natural bounce. It’'s made with a healing blend of avocado, coconut, sweet almond, and olive to repair dry, damaged locks. Plus, the fresh scent is sublimely subtle enough for everyday wear.

Miss Jessie's® Original Pillow Soft Curls
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Not for my curls

My curls DO NOT DO WELL with a glycerin-based product like this. To work the product through my hair, the curls get separated; the glycerin prevents them from glomming back together and I end up with a stiff, frizzy mess. STOP SENDING ME GLYCERIN-BASED CURLY HAIR PRODUCTS. Coconut-based is the only kind of product that works for me.

For the record my hair is VERY curly and frizzy and I am mixed race. On paper, this should be my dream product; in practice it is my nightmare.

Plus, I've gotten a sample of this before, and reviewed it badly then, too.

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Did not like this!

I have curly hair and have tried many different hair product. I have seen this before and was excited to try it but I hated it. It smelled funky and made my hair really sticky until it was all the way dry then it still had a weird texture to it. Nothing good about it.

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Really NOT Good

Fresh scent means smelling like laundry detergent, which may be fine for others but I really wasn't a fan. I was warned from other reviews and maybe could have put up with the smell if the product did what I wanted it to. I couldn't tell from the description on the website but when I got the bottle it was obvious that this is NOT for me. If you have defined tighter curls that you want to stay tight, do NOT use this. My curls became looser and did not look good.

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I was really excited for this product, as I hadn't had a sample of it. But unfortunately, it didn't work with my hair. My hair isn't thick, but it's not thin either, and it's wavy. It did nothing to my hair, waves fell out almost immediately and then it just looked like a frizzy mess.
Next time, I'll have to wait for the sample to come in before buying full sized products.

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If I could give this junk zero stars I would. I thought this was my holy grail hair product. I was so excited when I tried it because it was everything I ever wanted in a hair product... so I thought.
I like to straighten my hair occasionally, little did I know that would not be possible anymore. I used it daily for a few months and when I decided to straighten it for the first time in a while I was shocked...
This product left a HORRIBLE waxy residue in my hair for over FOUR MONTHS. I'm not being dramatic... I could not straighten my hair for the life of me without the iron getting stuck half way down my hair. My strands stuck together. Forget running my fingers through it. It looked dull and dead. I was mortified. I spent $80 at a salon to try and get it out. Not even a LITTLE bit better. The hairdresser said she's never seen anything like it and was so sorry she couldn't help.I tried a handful of clarifying shampoos. I started to notice the product absorbed into the spots where I had highlights done 8 months before...
I tried various chemicals that would make you shiver.
Acetone, Nitro Methane (RACE CAR FUEL), stove cleaner, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, paint thinner, and gasoline. NONE OF THEM WORKED. I called Ms. Jessies to no avail. Always an answering machine, never a call back. I was in tears. I was now looking online for short hair cuts that would suit me. I've had long hair for 25 years.... I was mortified. In a last ditch effort I coated my hair with olive oil just to give it some love from all the torture I put it through. Wouldn't you know after the first wash some of the waxy residue came out. After 2 more weeks of olive oil soaks I was pretty much in the clear.
Come to find out, my cousin, who had turned me on to this product had the same issue a MONTH before her wedding. She was in tears as well.

Moral of the story is... DO NOT USE THIS STUFF. Every time I see it in stores I want to knock it off the shelves and put a warning label up.

Don't get me wrong, the product worked, my curls looked great. I had so many compliments. But unless you plan on using it daily for the rest of your life I suggest you find something else to use.

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Didn't work

This didn't really help to keep my wavy hair curly. Instead it weighed it down. It really did feel like I was placing lotion in my hair.

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The Smell is Overwhelming!!!!

The product has a very strong,nauseating smell.It's loaded with a lot of chemicals,and it leaves a sticky residue on the hair!!

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Just OK

I bought this product with the hope that my curls would be curly with no frizz. What I get was a lot of "crunch" in my hair. I tend to not dry my hair when I use curling products and this left my hair very hard. I tried using a little less product the next time and it then didn't curl my hair and it was still hard. So if you use enough of the product it will curl but also crunch!

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Smells like detergent

I loved the Quick Curls sample I got and tried this out because it seemed like a cheaper alternative - I really didn't like this product at all. It did nothing for my hair, and it smells pretty strongly of chemicals, almost like fabric sheets. I much prefer Quick Curls or Coily Custard which work gloriously on my 3A curly hair.

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So disappointed

I was crushed that this didn't work for me. I had been hoping it would be in my box for a few months. I hate wasting money on a curl product only to have it not work and then by stuck with a 3/4 full bottle. Boy am I glad I didn't buy this. This gel dried my hair up so bad it felt like straw within 3 uses. I have pretty good curly hair and this product zapped it. It did not control the frizz nor give my hair any body. It just hung limply. When I went to wash it out it honestly scared me how dry and brittle it felt. I had to use a deep conditioning cream to counteract it. I would define my hair and wavy/curly but very healthy. This is not anything other than a waste of money.

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