Manna Kadar Cosmetics Gold Digger Contouring Palette

Once upon a time, contouring seemed like a mystifying art reserved for professional makeup artists and the Kardashian sisters. But with this easy-to-use eight-shade set from Manna Kadar, anyone can unlock the secret to looking red carpet-ready. And since the brand’s mantra is “beauty simplified,” we really do mean anyone.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Gold Digger Contouring Palette
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Too much glitter/shimmer, not enough matte

I was so excited to get this, but quickly disappointed after I swatched all the colors. Although the description says a matte bronzer is included, it's not really matte, it definitely has a shimmer to it. When I contour with bronzers I like them to be completely matte. I don't really like a completely shimmer all over face look. So, I can't really use the browns for contouring, which was disappointing. I do like the colors, just not for contouring. The only true matte color is the rose blush, all the others have either actual glitter or shimmer to them. The only color I didn't like was the brown on the lower right, it has large glitter in it. Not really a day-to-day palette, more of a get dressed up with glitter and shimmer palette. So, overall I like the colors of this palette, it's just not very versatile, so basically for nights out only. Or the shimmering browns could be used for eyeshadows, but as contour, I don't think it works.

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I gave this product four starts out of five because I felt as if some of the bronzers were a bit on the orange side instead of a more natural color. But there were only 1.5 like that because there was one that was almost a natural color, but had a bit of orange tone to it. Other than that the product was amazing.!

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