Clarisonic Aria Cleansing Brush

It may look like a gadget from your favorite science fiction novel, but this skincare essential is actually a user-friendly tool that relies on a patented sonic technology to effectively and gently cleanse skin. It's the best way to clear up stubborn acne, keep skin supple, and even get rid of ingrown hairs. While you probably won’t see a difference after the first try, you’ll see noticeably clearer skin—and less noticeable pores—after only a couple of weeks.
Clarisonic Aria Cleansing Brush
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AMAZING.....fresh faced again!

I can't say enough great things about this! My skin feels so clean and refreshed. My makeup goes on smoother and I feel like all of my products are absorbed much better. I now can't live without this thing.!

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This is one of the best investments I have ever made! I wish I was able to get the body style brush but I love this one!!! Great product! It leaves my skin soft and beautiful! I LOVE IT!

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Worth the investment

I love my clarisonic. I use it twice a day and since buying it only about a month ago, would feel lost without it. I saw a difference in my skin in about 2 weeks, even if I'm having a breakout, my skin looks smoother. I feel like my skin really shines (not in a shiny, oily way.) And it's good to see my makeup wash off into the sink, not in my towel. If you're thinking about it, go for it. You won't regret it.

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Absolutely a must have.

This is an ABSOLUTE must have, but first make the right decision when choosing between the Clarisonic Aria, MIA 2, and PLUS (those are the only 3 really worth the money, i promise). I personally choose the Clarisonic Aria because it wasn't as pricey as the PLUS (which had literally just came out when I bought mine), it has 3 levels and a T-timer plusing that tells you when to go to the next area of you face. I always start with my forehead, do my nose/chin together, then do right cheek, left cheek (It gives you four pulses so that's why I do it like that). I do my neck sometimes as well, so you can turn it back on and do your neck real quick it's really relaxing!

What you need to know about the MIA 2 is it's smaller and comes with a case (instead of the stand). I thought this would make it better for traveling.
However, after trying them both in Dillard's...I realized the Aria uses a USB cord which means you can buy a case for it, and then travel with it much easier. I didn't notice the USB plug-in/regular plug-in option with the MIA 2.
I liked the USB plug-in option and that played a huge role in my buying this specific version. But just keep in mind what your needs are.

Moving on, BRUSH HEADS ARE IMPORTANT. I use normal right now and I usually keep my Aria fully charged and on the level 2 (medium). I do get oily skin depending on the weather and face wash I use but my skin is pretty normal I have zero acne I rarely get blemishes i think my only issues is I'm worried to death about aging (I'm 23 so it's a good time to start worrying since I tan). So moving on to my face wash recommendations I really liked the sample of the foaming face wash by Clarisonic it was easy on my skin, I really enjoyed it but two other great options are Clinique mild foaming face wash and Philosophy: Purity (Purity is a very natural and safe for sensitive skin, amazing for winter)!

I hope this convinces you to buy this product, use it, find your own routine with it, and really love it. You don't have to suffer with skin issues :)

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I have had this for two weeks and have used 2x a day and already have seen such a difference. My skin feels so smooth and has a nice glow already.

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Originally I wasn't too impressed but once you find the right brush head, Clarisonic's cleansing brushes are fantastic.

You have to commit to using it twice a day otherwise it won't win your heart over the way it should. My face has never felt so clean with a one minute wash.

The three different speeds are great. I use the highest on my lips to get rid of any dead, chapped skin and it works beautifully, no lip scrub required.

It's also nice that this one make a soft beep sound when it's time to move to the next facial area.

Totally worth it, the only thing is that it takes about a day to charge but that's not that bad of a con.

5 stars because my face has never been more clear!!

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very travel friendly

I love how travel friendly the charger is. Clarisonics are amazing by themselves, my skin has changed completely for the better just because of this machine! I love the 3 speed settings i can chose from depending on my needs. Over all an amazing product that is worth every penny.

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I really enjoy how clean this makes my face feel. It definitely helps to get little bumps and prevent larger blemishes. It seems to make your skin purge first though.

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Love this Product!

This is an amazing tool! It keeps my face looking fresh and acne free. I feel like my skin in super clean after I use it too. I also enjoy the different heads you can choose from. I prefer the one for sensitive skin.

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Must have!! Replaces Foundation

I got my Clarisonic Aria about a month ago, and haven't regretted it since! I use this twice a day and have noticed a drastic difference in my skin. It was never bad to begin with, but my skin tone is more even and my face is a lot softer. A week after I started using it, I noticed that my skin was already radiant enough that I stopped using foundation. Even after just one use, I could tell a huge difference.

I really like the Aria in particular because the 3 speeds help a lot. I use high speed for my entire face, other than the nose. The vibrations tickle my nose too much, so I use the lowest speed for my nose. The lights help me to know when to charge it, especially since both my boyfriend and I use the brush. The two different timers don't really help me. I usually keep it on the 2 minute setting, but if you're in more of a hurry, I could see the 1 minute setting being helpful as well.

The gist is...a Clarisonic brush is a must have! You will be able to see the difference in a very short amount of time.

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