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Although we’d all love to roll out of bed with movie-star hair, the only film we’re likely to be cast in when we wake up is The Bride of Frankenstein. Rectify the situation with a few drops of this golden elixir to detangle and smooth wayward strands. The lightweight formula nourishes hair without weighing it down, resulting in naturally radiant tresses that are ready for the spotlight.

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A few drops of this and a quick brush through and I can confidently walk out of my apartment with wet hair knowing that it will air-dry perfectly. Is there anything more you could possibly want from a hair product? nope.

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Love it

received a pretty good sample size from my July 2013 Birchbox. Now at first I thought oh cool this must be like those Moroccan, Argan oil I’ve seen around but never tried. So when I seen this in my box I was excited to try a new product. I didn’t have much information on how these oils really work and what they do for you other than make your hair super shiny. Well I tried it out for a whole month at least once or twice a day and you only need a few drops . Now after a month my hair looked so much nicer, softer, shinier and my hair was not FALLING OUT!!!! Yes my hair falls out in globs…. it’s pretty sad I hate it. Ever since I was on dialysis for my kidney failure my hair just started to fall out because of the treatments and medications ( that is what the doctor said ). For 3.5 years I went from super thick horse hair to really fine hair where a baby clip can hold my whole hair when it is up. Well I had a kidney transplant and my hair was still falling out just not as much.

This oil has so many good ingredients such as Moringa oil to help sooth and heal, Argan oil which is rich in vitamin E to help moisturize and protect and Far East Oil Blends to eliminate frayed ends and soothe smooth hair.
Now I will say the time I used it I believe my hair just looked so nice and healthy. I have stopped using it and using another drugstore brand Moroccan oil and it is just not the same. There is a big difference my hair is not as soft, shiny or manageable. My hair is starting to fall out in the shower when I had seen a stop to that issue. The I.C.O.N. oil is a bit pricey but I only received a sample of it and it lasted me about a month and I saw a difference. It is priced at 40.00/3.8oz and I believe you can purchase it on Amazon or Ebay for a few bucks less.

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Way too much fragrance. Smells terrible.

This smells terrible - it smells like toothache remedy. There is so much fragrance on it that it stung when I accidentally got it on my skin. Even though I scrubbed my hands after applying, my face still stung when I touched it! I believe there is clove oil in this, which is an irritant.

It is hard to distribute on hair, but otherwise ordinary

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This smells just like tom ford perfume, love it.. It's nice and light on the hair

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Smells gorgeous!

Does what it says on the tin (a little goes a long way) and it smells absolutely beautiful. Highly recommended.

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Like the smell

I always need oils for my curly dry hair. This is one of my favorites. The smell is strong and odd but I still like it and it helps tame fly-a-ways and keep my ends nice and shiny when I straighten my hair.

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My fuzzy curly hair loves this!

A tiny bit really does go a long way. I first used it in my thin yet curly/frizzy hair and put 2 drops (it's one big long dropper inside - per-fect!) onto the tips of my fingers and started at the ends of my hair working my way up just scrunching. I then used a comb to make sure it all got through (most important part is the ends though) and then put in my other hair products. After blow drying my hair looks so incredibly soft and just absolutely perfect curls! It looked pretty darn good before with my new hair oroducts I have found through my boxes but this was a cut above! Now I used the same amount in my 4 year olds dry hair and that was way too looked greasy. Have to find that right amount and how best to apply for use in dry hair. Maybe I'll google it. Oh, and I cannot forget, the smell is amazing! It's a very male/female neutral scent, for lack of better words. I honestly cannot think of words to describe it, but someone had said something about eastern scents and maybe that is close (whatever that is exactly) but it's spicey...that's a better word...and musky (that sounds bad but it's oh so fabulous) and makes you want to smell it! I am so lucky to have chose this in the oh so fabulous Build a Birchbox. Should have gotten it in my 2nd box too! But this will last forever it seems!

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Light for everyday use and nourishing!

I love the smooth, glossy - not oily - look that this oil leaves my hair with. It definitely smooths down flyaways and I can use it everyday to re-hydrate my scalp or comfort my ends without weighing down my hair or making me look greasy. The bottle and it's chemistry-like/ baster-like application is so cool, easy, and fun to use!

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Super megawatt shine and moisture

So not sure if anyone else had this issue, but apparently this has to be shaken before application. I didn't shake the first time and found that it was a greasy gross mess on my hair. After I read that you needed to shake this, it is amazing. It gives my hair megawatt shine and helps tame the frizz. My hair is SUPER dry from color processing lately that it's just a hot mess. However I feel that this helps amp up the shine factor and makes my hair feel stronger and less like straw. The amber/incense scent isn't entirely my thing, but it fades quickly so I can't complain.

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The best hair oil. Period.

I bought this hair oil with my points about 6 months ago - I'm down to about 1/2 a bottle, and will definitely be buying this again. My hair is fine but thick, curly/wavy and hits at my lower back - there is a ton of it, and in the hot California sun, it gets thirsty. I use 1-2 droppers worth of it about 3-4 times a week; there is way more in this little bottle than you think. It makes my hair smell amazing - like randos coming up to me just to tell me it smells great levels of amazing. Like every time I let my hair down everyone stops mid-sentence amazing. It makes my hair soft and shiny, never oily, absorbs and protects my hair ... I love this product, more than anything else in my arsenal. Honestly.

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