Clarisonic PLUS Face and Body Sonic Cleansing System

We’re longtime fans of Clarisonic’s complexion-clearing skincare tools, so we (and our occasional back acne flare-ups) were ecstatic to hear that their latest system is bringing the brand’s patented deep clean to the whole body. This user-friendly system is designed to cleanse both the face and everywhere else too, leaving all our skin smooth and radiant. Even better, it operates at three different speeds, from a light touch for sensitive skin to a powerful extrastrength clean.

Clarisonic PLUS Face and Body Sonic Cleansing System
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Best splurge purchase

I was on the fence on purchasing this since it was so expensive and not sure if it will work for me. I waited patiently for my birchbox points to accumulate and also used the welcome 20% offer. So happy with this purchase. I bought this primarily to use for my bacne but so surprised that my face responded well to it. My face looks smoother and better after a week of use, once a day on the lowest setting. I have the occasional face acne and I had a big red pimple that was kind of subsiding on my first day of use. It was almost gone the next day after my first use. My back looks a lot better but not as smooth as my face. Kicking myself for not buying this sooner.
It is a little heavy and didn't come with instructions so I had to watch clarisonic videos online before using it, which was no big deal.

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Meh - not as great as the hype

This is an ok product, but didn't do the wonders I thought it would. The speed button broke after a month, can't tell if it's a firmware glitch or if the physical button is damaged as it still clicks.

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What is all the fuss about?!

I have "normal" skin. I'm in my early 20's with a small fine line near where I smile. I have the occasional blemish or dry skin. I was so excited when I learned of the clarisonic plus and the fact that you could use it on your body with a larger head, I was sold. I really, really wanted to love the clarisonic plus! I I've used it for about 8 months according to the pamphlet inside the box. I've tried the sensitive head that came with the plus but it did nothing for my skin so I purchased the deep pore head and it didn't really do anything either. It didn't improve my skin tone, occasional blemish, or occasional dry skin. In fact I think this product caused my small fine line to become a bit deeper and my pore to seem a little larger! I will put this on the bathroom self to collect dust.

Lastly, make sure you look at the ingredient in the products that come with this package. I wouldn't want those chemicals on my skin!

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Sceptic converted, must-have in daily routine

Being an active guy, I'm try not to be too fussy with my skincare routine, at least during the day. I really can't be, when I am in and out of the gym and don't have enough time to clean or moisturize my skin properly. So, I wanted to try to make up for it, by improving my nighttime routine. I started using the Clarisonic after watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading reviews on other sites. The consensus was that it definitely works. I was still skeptical due to the huge splurge factor, but I bought it anyway. It's been almost a month and I can honestly say that my face looks healthier and more even, in terms of texture. I used to get bad breakouts on my chin area, but now, it doesn't really happen. I still get a pimple or two, once in a while, but it's not like the ones pre-Clarisonic, that were deep and painful. I use this nightly with the plant face oil, and I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. It's a must have for guys and gals.

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