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ARCONA Youth Serum

Oh, the sweet innocence of our skin’s youth. We wish we could return it to its original naïve state, but it’s seen too much—stress, fatigue, sun exposure—that cannot be unseen. Skincare authority ARCONA has stepped in to remedy much of the distress wreaked upon our skin by the slow, inevitable march of time. This daily antiaging serum repairs, brightens, and color-corrects while shielding skin from future damage.

ARCONA Youth Serum
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You might want to know a few things

I'm writing this becuase this product had some surprises in it that I felt other people should know about since this is a high dollar product.

I've used Arcona products many times before. I am not a newbie and some of them are really great products. Of course they are a very high dollar so every holiday where I recieve a gift I ask for an Arcona product.

As you can see this stuff is not cheap. $87 I only think it's fair you know...

1. The product is NOT a "serum" as you might expect it's liquid...In a pump. That is a big problem.

Now their product called The Solution is the same but I use a cotton ball with The Solution and it works beautifully but it simply doesn't by their directions.

This stuff was even more liquid No matter how well I followed their directions the stuff would go all over the place and never could I get it properly on my face. One pump is supposed to go a long way but when it's mostly out of your hand trying to get it on half of your face, that is a bummer. I couldn't use a cotton ball it just soaked it up. So I used a very flat cotton pad, one that wouldn't soak it up and keep it but control it while I put it on my skin. That allowed me to actually get the darn product on my face! I hope this tip is helpful to you.

2. The Smell is still disturbing to me. I remember my first time using it, I immediately said "uh, it smells like bacon". I've read others say it smells like medicine. So be aware. It did not go away with time for me. I would get a wif of it here and there and while I do like bacon I don't like the smell of it on my face. It probably smells different to others but still, not good.

3. STICKY. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get this to sink into my skin with out leaving such a bad stickiness that one day I laid down for a nap and the pillow case stuck to my face. I washed my face in all different ways using THEIR face wash so it's not a mixture of product. I tried it with and with out their toner. With and with out their moisturizer. It's just sticky on it's own.

4. I started having an orange staining on my shirts around the collar. I realized after days of this product doing it. I put it on my neck just like it said. Not too much either very minimal.
So yes, this stuff stains. The numerous times I followed directions exactly and just pumped it onto my hand it spurt orange on my pajamas. It states that you can put it on your chest too, I didn't becuase I knew it would just get on the rest of my shirt.

I am not trying to push you away from trying this but call the company and ask for a sample first. Or go to a place where YOU, not THEY can try it on you.

As for me, I just can't mess with the stuff anymore and an $87 gift that was supposed to be part of my regime is just sitting and will end up in the trash when I can bring myself to do it. :o(

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