Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour

As makeup trends go, we’ve pretty much tried them all. But there are some looks that transcend trend—when it comes to the smoky-eye, we’re staunch loyalists. After years of trying a variety of shadows for the perfect sultry look, we’ve officially found our one and only. This no-fuss, creamy eye shadow stick delivers easy application and high-definition color. The long-lasting formula glides on smoothly, blends easily, and is resistant to unwanted creases.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour
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I love these!

This is my 3rd caviar stick. I want them all. Shimmery, creamy eye shadow that stays all day without a primer. I like that there is some precision with the stick too. These also blend out nicely before they set.

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So easy!

Love the Laura Mercier Caviar sticks. They are oh so easy to use and look really good. I like the khaki the best-- sort of a bronze/warm brown. I like the sapphire as well (deep blue). The smoke is very dark black, so I didn't like that as much. But you can control how much you want-- just swipe and smudge a bit-- and you're set to go.

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LOVE these pens

I am an avid Laura Mercier makeup user, and I am obsessed with these eye color sticks/pens. The pigment is beautiful, it goes on creamy so that you can brush or smear as necessary, but once it has dried it never fades.

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My favorite thing in my makeup bag!

The Caviar Stick Eye Colour is by far my favorite eye makeup I have ever tried. It goes on smooth and the small applicator allows you to put it right where you want it. I have the Sugar Frost (a great highlighter for lids and brow bone- soft and shimmery) and the cocoa (a deep brown great for the crease or as a liner) and I love them both! They have a subtle shimmer and the best part is they stay on ALL DAY LONG. I have never had an eyeshadow that stays on like these- even after work and a trip to the gym! The only negative thing I will say is they are not quite as easy to blend as powder shadows, but I have found that an eyeshadow brush works well. I would definitely recommend you try this product- especially if you are looking for long wearing eye makeup!

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Bought seashell - easy to work with and long lasting - LOVE IT!

I bought the seashell caviar stick because I wanted a highlighter and eyeshadow that would have a little shimmer and brightness without being a pure white. This is brighter and less versatile than the Chella ivory lace highlighter (which I love) BUT this seashell shade makes an excellent highlighter and eyeshadow for your eye and it pops a bit more than the Chella.

The Seashell shade is a sort of cream with a tiny amount of warm gold undertone. It's shimmery but not glittery.

It blends well and then given a minute it will set and not budge making it very long lasting. That last bit is key, I'm not one to do touchups through the day. This is very much a fix it and forget it kind of product.

On top of being a great product in terms of performance, it's also a healthy product. No added fragrances, parabens or cones (I personally react to cones, they aren't unhealthy, they just rule out many products for me) and it scores a 3 with EWG's skin deep cosmetics database report (the lower the number the healthier.)

I think my ONLY negative on this product is that the twist up applicator seems to twist back down while you're using it a little too easily. Not a big deal but something a little annoying that Laura Mercier might be able to work on.

The other shades I want the most, Birchbox isn't (yet) carrying. Any chance you're going to get Amethyst, Khaki or Twilight shades in anytime soon? Hint hint. I'd love to get more birchbox points for purchasing these!

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Lasting color

Laura Mercier is one of my favorite brands... love their mascara, tinted moisturizer and eyeliners. This product is right up there now.. the color is very pigmented and pretty. I love the purpley color I got with my green eyes. I can wear it at work and build it up more for the evening. Another great product to use for business travel as it has multiple uses and can go from being conservative to being more modern quickly. I'm looking forward to using more Laura Mercier now that it is on Birch Box!

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The caviar eye sticks are absolutely amazing. I have the plum and army green/brown color, and both are the perfect tool for eye makeup. They can be worn heavy and thick for a dramatic look, or blended under shadow for something lighter. I've been really happy with how they work - very versatile.

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Easiest Eye Ever

For anyone who loves a one-product eye look, this is for you. These go on so smoothly but are not messy at all. I have oily eyelids, so I use a primer, but they stay with no creasing absolutely all day for me with a primer. Those with dry lids could probably use these alone. I have only bought one so far, but I am hooked. These offer enough shimmer/satin to give depth, but none of the shades I have used or swatched have actual glitter or sparkle. They blend gorgeously. They can be used as a thick liner, in combination with each other or other shadows, or blended all over the lid alone (my favorite because I am lazy). They are a little pricey, but I will still probably repurchase these forever. For me, they are that good.

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Cult Status- Product

I stumbled upon these on my last trip to sephora, and I am Amazed. I purchased these in Rosegold & Sandstone. They both compliment each other. I have a similar product like this from chanel and the quality is sub-par to this Laura Mercier one. I rarely will go out of my way to write a beauty review, but this product is well worth the trouble!

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Worth having more than one color!

I have this is Rose Gold, Amethyst, and Smoke.

I didn't wear any makeup as a teenager and only started taking it seriously in the last year or so. This helped me get into a routine of daily make up because it is so easy to put on. Wipe it around a bit, blend, and you're done. The Rose Gold is a great every day color, I say this because for several months it was my *only* eye shadow. It is still my go-to color when I'm running too late to spend any time with a palette.

The darker colors are extremely pigmented. I put the Smoke one on my hand earlier today to show a friend. I've washed my hands several times since then and there is still a light mark there. They come off very easily with make up remover.

I saw someone else's review say that these crease, which is true. I started using a dedicated eye primer and I rarely have creasing problems now.

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