GLAMGLOW® SUPERMUD™ Clearing Treatment

We love to get our hands dirty. But our faces? Well, …this SUPERMUD™ Clearing Treatment is making us change our minds about that. That’'s because this tub of SUPERMUD™ actually is a super mud. It not only helps clear up all common skin woes (think: breakouts, discoloration, and even razor bumps and ingrown hair), but it also vacuum suctions your pores to help unclog them, leaving your skin to look healthy, radiant, and oh-so-fresh. Who knew mud could be so glam?

GLAMGLOW® SUPERMUD™ Clearing Treatment
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Nice mask

I can tell my face feels smoother after using this mask. However it does break out afterwards. I guess that is the mask pulling all the icky stuff out.

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The Holy Grail Of Face Masks

Holy Moly. There are so many products out there that promise you the moon, and give you zero results. This product is not one of those.. I have never used a mask that literally vacuumed the gunk out of my pores... this mask does that, and in a disgustingly awesome and gratifying way, because you can actually see said gunk sticking out of the mask when it has dried (so gross, but even more awesome). I am SOLD. No false advertising here! Totally worth every penny.

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I absolutely love GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD! Yes, I know what you're thinking…."Glamglow is too expensive for such a small container!" However, the product is 100% worth the money. After applying the Glamglow to my oily, more problematic areas (T-Zone mostly), I waited about 10 minutes. When I returned to the mirror, I could literally see the Glamglow drawing out the oil from my skin. There were little dark spots of oil all over my skin that had been drawn out-it was unbelievable! Overall, Glamglow is worth the money and definitely helped with my breakouts!

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This stuff works!

I initially tried this in a sample. It worked so well, that despite the price, I purchased it immediately. After a single use, I noticed my pores seemed smaller, my skin smoother and even my fine lines seemed diminished. Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment does exactly what it claims - it seems to draw the yucky sebum and dirt from my pores and also close them up. Truly a miraculous feat! I am able to wear my foundation without a primer to smooth out my pores. I've never been able to do that! I cannot live without this stuff!

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This is the BEST clearing treatment made! I will continue to purcahse this for life. It does exactly what it says. Clears my skin, shrinks pores, leaves my skin looking radiant and fresh. Did not leave me broke out or red like. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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Best mask ever.

Simply the best. The price is worth it if you use it and you get results. You can tell the mask is working because you can see all the dirt and oil being sucked out of your pores!

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GLAMGLOW Mud has certainly made a difference...

I use this product two to three times a week, post shower OR prior to bed. I generally leave it on for 20 minutes or longer, cover the whole face or just the problem areas if I am in a hurry.

The GLAMGLOW Mud has certainly made a difference, especially in clearing out the pores on my nose. It does a good job of removing oil and dirt, as well as minimizing pores as well as pimples. It is fairly gentle. You might notice a tingle or slight sting if you have a pimple you've been picking at that's a little raw. Otherwise, I have had no issues with sensitivity and my face is always calm and smooth after a treatment.

This product is definitely worth the money - I don't use that much of it at a time (usually use a Q-TIP) so I will probably get 100+ uses out of the large container. After all, you aren't loading half the jar onto your face: a thin layer will do the trick! It does what it says it will do AND you get the perverse pleasure of seeing the oil from your face seep up to the surface of the mask - a must for all weirdos who take strange pleasure in seeing things like that.

Also, my husband really likes to use it too on problem areas on his skin such as ingrown hairs and acne. So it is not just for women either. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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Clears blackheads, minimizes pores

This stuff really works! A little on the pricey side, but you end up only using a little each time so it will last you awhile. It's not going to be a miracle worker - I still get blackheads and I just can't seem to rid them for good - but when I use this they are seriously gone for the next couple days. Good for an event you know you have coming up. Also it minimizes your pores! Again, temporary, but maybe with repeated use it really does have lasting results? I've never been diligent enough to test it out. Overall, A+!

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Works great for me!

Just bought the glamglow supermud - by far the most money I have ever spent on skincare/cosmetics, hence the loss of one star because it is a surprisingly small container considering the price. I just used it on my forehead, nose, and chin, and have to say that this stuff might be magic. It was a little weird watching the black spots show up, and I wasn't quite sure how long to leave it on for (the package says 5-20 minutes so I settled on 10). I washed it off and my skin looks and feels great!!!! I have an odd combination of oily and dry skin, and after taking it off my pores look smaller (and cleaner!) and my skin feels AMAZING! I think as long as I use this sparingly, it will be worth the price!

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AMAZING! You can see it working!

I got a free sample with a purchase from another store, but was so happy when I was given the full size as a gift from Birchbox!!

This is amazing. You can literally see it working. A little bit goes a long way- and the dark mud dries light green (you may look like a swamp person for a bit). But you see little holes in the mask. Each of your pores has been cleaned out so thoroughly, that you can see the dots in the mask!! The charcoal is amazing. My skin is so clear afterwards. No more little white heads on my nose or chin. And it's so smooth! This will certainly become part of my weekly routine!

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