Absolutely a must have.

This is an ABSOLUTE must have, but first make the right decision when choosing between the Clarisonic Aria, MIA 2, and PLUS (those are the only 3 really worth the money, i promise). I personally choose the Clarisonic Aria because it wasn't as pricey as the PLUS (which had literally just came out when I bought mine), it has 3 levels and a T-timer plusing that tells you when to go to the next area of you face. I always start with my forehead, do my nose/chin together, then do right cheek, left cheek (It gives you four pulses so that's why I do it like that). I do my neck sometimes as well, so you can turn it back on and do your neck real quick it's really relaxing!

What you need to know about the MIA 2 is it's smaller and comes with a case (instead of the stand). I thought this would make it better for traveling.
However, after trying them both in Dillard's...I realized the Aria uses a USB cord which means you can buy a case for it, and then travel with it much easier. I didn't notice the USB plug-in/regular plug-in option with the MIA 2.
I liked the USB plug-in option and that played a huge role in my buying this specific version. But just keep in mind what your needs are.

Moving on, BRUSH HEADS ARE IMPORTANT. I use normal right now and I usually keep my Aria fully charged and on the level 2 (medium). I do get oily skin depending on the weather and face wash I use but my skin is pretty normal I have zero acne I rarely get blemishes i think my only issues is I'm worried to death about aging (I'm 23 so it's a good time to start worrying since I tan). So moving on to my face wash recommendations I really liked the sample of the foaming face wash by Clarisonic it was easy on my skin, I really enjoyed it but two other great options are Clinique mild foaming face wash and Philosophy: Purity (Purity is a very natural and safe for sensitive skin, amazing for winter)!

I hope this convinces you to buy this product, use it, find your own routine with it, and really love it. You don't have to suffer with skin issues :)

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