Beautiful product!

So reading the reviews peoples biggest problem seems to be the smell, for me when I'm taking a long hot bath, I want my hot oils or bath scrubs or whatever I use to have a great smell. Because sometimes I like to go cuddle my boyfriend and get a compliment on how yummy I smell...this product does just that.

Other great pluses...Its in a bag! So you don't have to deal with pouring it in the tub, getting it in the places sun doesn't even shine, it's in a beautiful bag that's pretty cool.
It has herbs and the bath rocks in the bag, the bath rocks I didn't realize would melt so quickly but they did and it was amazing. To me the scent actually went away once the bath rocks melted, so no biggie.
Maybe people should just try a different scent? I don't even remember which one came in my box, I just remember the rocks were pink (so probably the Rose whatever one).

Regardless, I will be adding this to my favorites and ordering it soon. LOVED THIS PRODUCT, great for people who like long hot baths and relaxing!

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