Left a sticky, greasy film on my hair

I have long, thick, dry and very frizzy hair so I was excited to try this product, especially because it seemed like it would help me save time and use fewer products. At first I used it like I use my normal leave-in conditioner (about 5-6 sprays). Whether I blow-dried or air-dried my hair, I had a nasty, gooey texture on my hair and had to wash it again to get it off. So I tried using 2 sprays. Again, greasy, gross texture. It wasn't quite as bad as before, and at least it wasn't visible the first day, but it also looked like I had no product whatsoever in it as well. I tried it a few more times and with different products but couldn't get it to work and leave my hair feeling clean no matter what I did. Maybe it will work well for someone else, but not me.

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