KELLY VAN GOGH® Master Blend Color

I got curious about this product and decided to try it out. Overall I really do like this color a lot.

Biggest cons are:

-found it a bit drying for my fine hair
-doesn't come with anything extra (conditioner treatment pack not included) <== took a star off for that
-and the obvious would be the price for many people

The best thing about this is how multi dimensional the color turned out. It really came out great and my hair looked beautiful. I also had no issues with any fading. I do use a color treated shampoo and conditioner which helps but I've had other colors fade eventually anyway. This really locks in, or at least my experience has been that.

I would definitely recommend this product if the cost isn't an issue . I'd also recommend purchasing a conditioning treatment at the same time since this doesn't come with one.

As far as is it worth it? I think so and plan to continue using it.

***Just as an added reminder since I have read so many reviews where people truly didn't know , its best to stick with something within a couple shades of your natural color. If you are going from dark hair to a blonde you have to do a double processing or it's never going to look like the blonde on the box. ***

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