I have had dark circles since I was a little girl. They are genetic, my mother has them too and no amount of water or sleep or change in eating habits has helped. I have seen this product on the market for a while but could never justify the high cost. So once I accumulated enough BB points to cut the cost significantly, I went for it.

I experienced the same eye watering and stinging that others have, but it's gone down significantly. I have been using for several months, and I'm noticing some decrease in darkness. But not nearly enough to forego under eye concealer. I just don't know if it's actually doing enough to justify buying another one after this runs out. With a face of normal makeup my circles looks fine, but if I have a late-night they are just about what they used to be. Along with this, I've gotten higher-quality concealer and learned how to apply it like a pro, so I also don't know if it's the makeup or the corrector helping me!

I won't outright say don't buy it, but I haven't seen enough amazing results to completely recommend it.

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